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VIC No front plate means no fine?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by IseeGreen, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. I was riding today through a 60 zone when I noticed what looked like a speed camera looking car on the side of the road.
    I can't be sure but I may have been doing 67 or 68 or something. I didn't notice any flash.
    I have ridden overseas a lot where you don't really get speeding fines but am new to riding on aussie roads.
    Just wondering if you can be fined for speeding going past one of these silly camera vans that park on the side of the road having no front plate? Do they all have the ability to photograph the rear of your bike?
    There are some old news articles and a search of the forum here only came up with stuff from pre 2010.

  2. They usually take the photo to the front as you pass them but some work in both directions. You probably don't see a flash from these either so you don't know if you have been got until the lucky envelope arrives.
  3. Thats pretty much what the age article said. Some can photo from rear. So it seems not much has changed since that article which was August last year.
    If they do photo the rear of the bike after you pass them would they still be using the speed reading from the approach or a reding from after you had already passed them?
    Today as I was parallel with the camera I looked at speedo and was doing 62km but had just slowed slightly.
    It's annoying to be fined for just a couple of k over the limit but i'm not that bothered. Was just wondering.
  4. welcome to Victoria...
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  5. Most of the Victorian unmarked speed camera cars have the flash and camera mounted on the bullbar, aimed at your rear numberplate as you drive past them. Other states such as QLD have vans or cars with the camera pointed towards the driver. Most flashes are infrared and are very hard to see unless you are directly looking at them.

    I would pray the your bike has a 5-10km/h speedo error (which some do) and the tolerance (2-3km/h) saves you. Low level speeding thankfully is only 1 demerit point and $190...Real joke of a fine, but thats Victoria...gotta pay off our corruption some how.
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  6. This is also the reason that keeps being given for introducing FNPs. The poor sheeple get upset that the nasty bikies are escaping fines.
  7. Same boat as you, lived in asia and driving over the limit was usually a given.

    I haven't been picked up for speeding here yet, but I have tried to keep it under the limit - but many times been 10 or so over and been paranoid about receiving a ticket in the mail.

    I've been lucky so far - you should be alright I reckon