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No exhaust gasket

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by aste9974, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I've been running my bike with no exhaust gasket, and I've read that having no exhaust gasket can burn the exhaust valve out.

    How would having no gasket burn the valve? I don't get it.....
  2. well it can
    but is easilly prevented by simply removing the spark plugs.
  3. You can also run it without fuel, this works well to prevent burning anything.
  4. exactly.
    you could fill the tank with quick dry cement instead.
    then you can use the fuel you've saved to burn other things. like hedges for example.
  5. On a more serious note, some exhausts don't use gaskets, just wedge the pipe in there and clamp it down. Can you notice any leaking around the joints? Why did you take the exhaust off anyway?
  6. To be loud and noisy... I replaced the gasket, yet I can still hear noise coming from the cylinder/exhaust pipe join... hmmm.

    Tighten the exhaust pipe onto the gasket harder?

    I did run the bike for a while where the only thing holding the entire exhaust pipe on was the gasket.. maybe I splattered the gasket....
  7. In case this is a serious thread...
    Exhausts often need exhaust sealant to make sure the joins are airtight.

    You can get tubes pretty cheaply at auto prts shops.

    Removing your entire pipe doesn't usually result in loud and noisy.
    it typically results in a comical popping sound because you have zero back pressure.
    Taking the can off and just leaving the headers = loud and noisy
  8. best laugh I've had all week
  9. tightened the **** out of the collar so much that I bent the collar....however I can still hear noise coming from the join... fuark.

    gotta get another gasket....
  10. Cannot tell if troll or retarded.
  11. you cant?
  12. The odd part is some exhausts do have gaskets
    So maybe he hit on a legitimate question while trolling :)
  13. sorry Damo my last post had a typo in it:demon: