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No electrics, nothing

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Josh, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Help! Rode home yesterday, no probs, then a couple of hours later went to start my cbr600 and nothing. No lights, power or anything. All fuses ok, couldn't push start it, battery was ok (showed no previous signs of fading, started first go all the time), tried jump starting it off the car and still nothing. I'm thinking it's not the battery but maybe something deep down inside.

    Any ideas? :cry:

  2. When you tried to jump start it did you disconnect the bike battery or have the two in parallel?

    Did you get any lights with the car battery connected?
  3. Sounds like the main fuse is blown. Will be about a 30 amp one. Maybe in a different location to the rest of the fuses. Like down near the battery.
  4. Yes....I agree with Roarin, main fuse must be the first port of call.
  5. Main fuse is ok, 30 amp one that is. When I jumped started it the car was connected, the bike battery was in and connected and still nothing. I even sparked the jumper leads to make sure they were working.

    Thanks for the ideas though. :)
  6. Could be shorted battery plate. Test as follows,

    disconnect the bike positive cable at the battery terminal, leaving the negative cable in place,

    connect the car positive to the bike positive cable, NOT to the battery.

    connect the car negative lead to the bike negative battery post,

    Give it a go
  7. About the only other thing that could be wrong is a complte lack of earth at some point. Or an ignition switch that has gone completely on the blink. See if you can get to the back of it with a multi meter & consult a wiring diagram.
  8. regulator/rectifier fault?
  9. I'm woth scooter, seen it on a VFR once, travelling nicely then regulator blew and good night Irene. Same happened on my ZZR, one morinng couldn't start it, truied the push start, no go, turned out to be a regulator that was stuffed in both instances.
  10. Ok, where is the regulator and what do I do with it?
  11. Suggest you contact someone that knows a bit more than me in that regards. If it is indeed the regulator as scooter and I both think then basically you replace it with one that isn't stuffed.

    Not something I personally would do, if you're comfortable friggin around with the electrics on your bike then get a manual, find out where it is and then replace it, failing that give the job to smeone that knows.
  12. Sounds like another job for Mick at PBW
  13. Not trying to be funny, but did you check the kill switch?
    On my bike it kills all the electrics. I once spent a considerable time trouble-shooting after some kind person flicked it for me.
  14. So it's re-fusing to go? I agree with the regulator idea of scooter and mick, because I had exactly the same thing happen with the Hornet (similar engine/electrics) and that was the problem..
  15. Thanks Moike, did check that. Don't worry, we all neglect the obvious at times. Can't see the forest for the trees.

    Will have a play around over the next few days.

    Thanks guys
  16. You could try using a multi meter and tracing through the electrical system at various points to see where you have voltage and where you do not.

    Simple points to check include the fuses, the regulator, inside the switch blocks and earth points.
  17. Hmm...check the wiring loom for anything marked "Lucas". Replace it.