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No Country For Old Men - My opinion only...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Doggy, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. One word. Disappointing. Can't really go much into it otherwise I'll ruin the eh hem, (cough) "Story". No wonder the critics loved it.


    Just thought I'd put this up in an effort to pre-warn people against wasting 2 hours of their lives and possibly some money that could have been better spent on about 10L of petrol to put in the bike lol.

    If you still see it and are disappointed, well you were warned :LOL:

  2. :?
  3. I thought it was a great film, the ending was a bit strange but over all was a entertaining thinking film.

    If you want to watch shit movies so you don't have to think for a few hours go see PS I love you.
  4. I enjoyed it too, go see it or download it or what ever.
    A good flick that dosen't have the same old predictable ending...or middle.
    But If you like your movies "hollywood" you won't like this.

    Bill 'saj' collins.
  5. Awesome film!!!
  6. To be perfectly fair, I had no real idea what it was going to be about until I watched it and now that I've slept on it lol I reckon it wasn't too bad except for the ending. I like my stories to have a conclusion, any sort would do lol. No I don't mind "hollywood" sometimes and I do like "arty" movies but I still need an ending lol.

  7. Yea this film definatley needs that. One's brain has to "think" about what this is about and how it all fits together.

    Yea the ending is interesting to say the least - but hey if it was "normal" it may not force you to think about it - thats the genious behind it.
  8. True but I ended up really hating the "hitman" and sooo needed for him to be "sorted" lol
  9. The hitman was an amazing character.
  10. "Could you hold still for a moment"

    Yeah ,no worries!

  11. maybe it's like Fargo - you only really get it after you've watched it 4 times.

    or maybe i'm just slow.

    i was semi-zoned out during the last speech in the film so i'm not sure what he was on about as it ended...

    so it's doubly a mystery...
  12. I quite enjoyed this film, great acting, lots of suspense, but let down by the muddled ending.

    The assassin was the epitome of evil bigger screen presence than any other villian I can recall, made you shudder wondering how he was going to knock off his next victim.

    It seems a lot of films that want to be considered arthouse go for strange endings rather than the happy Hollywood good over evil ending.
  13. I thought it was ok, as others have said the ending let it down.
  14. Watched it last night.

    Read the book a couple of months ago.

    I thought the movie was good, but slow and requires full attention. Watch it with your partner maybe, but not a crowd of mates drinking beers.

    The book is a great story, but the author's non-use of speech marks when people are talking makes it bloody confusing at times, and frustrating when you read the same part 3 times to figure out who's saying what, and what's going on.