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No claim bonus with IMR... a couple of questions

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by rjbsmith, May 15, 2008.

  1. My partner started riding last year, and ended up buying a Bug Espresso with finance. After a couple of quotes (I don't think we looked at WQBE for her at the time) we ended up going with IMR, who charged just under $1300 - yeah it sounds steep but with a scooter, under 25, no NCB and on finance it's a little hard to get it cheaper.

    Fast forward a year and she gets her greenslip and rego notices and realizes that the insurance is also coming up for renewal. We start looking at other companies, and assuming that she would end up with Rating 5 we asked for quotes on that basis. WQBE come back with a quote around $850 (still steep, but better than other places), so we decide that a little closer to renewal date she would go with that quote.

    A couple of days later she gets the renewal notice from IMR, which comes out at a bit over $900. Since she was going to go with WQBE anyway we don't pay too much attention to it, but then I notice the number next to "No claim bonus"...


    :?: :?: :shock: *much swearing on my part*

    After one year of insurance she managed to go from Rating 6 to Rating 3, something that usually takes three.

    My questions are:
    1) For those with IMR already - is this normal? It strikes me as extremely unusual that they would give someone 45% after one year.
    2) If she was to take this to WQBE for a revised quote, would they accept it?
  2. Ring them and ask/confirm? Then let us know :) They may, in the last year, have adjusted the way they classify riders etc.

    Yes, if your current insurance says you are rating 3 then other insurance companies will accept that. Most also take into account your car insurance, if any, and take the better of both.

    As your a Netrider member, don't forget to ask/get your Western QBE discount for netrider members! :)
  3. Given that the policy is for her, and the scooter's registered in her name, would this still apply?
  4. Get her to join up too, problem solved :)
  5. She also gets a discount for being Female!

    But is she soon going to be over 25? as this can bring her insurance with Western QBE down to around or under 300, mine is $230 and 4 grand cover on clothing and I was rated from my drivers licence and not bike licence............. Where other insurance co's were around high 100's to 1500.00

    So Western QBE had a good deal for me.
  6. So she didnt get a discount 12mths ago because she was a MALE? :roll: :LOL:

    FYI, this thread is about the change/jump in Rating (which accounted
    for the large decrease in premium).

    Being male/female is irrelevant.. as is the remainder of ya post.
  7. Yes MG

    After falling off my chair doing the online quote I rang IMR, I was advised by the IMR customer service officer approx 4-5 weeks ago that my quote is around the 1500.00 figure, I was told it was so high compared to other insurance companies is that I was a first time customer. Therefore as advised my rating one from any other company did not reduce the premium in the first year, however after the first year with no claim then the discounts in premium would commence i.e. sex, location, age, claim, membership to riding associations, and claims.

    I did enquire and investigate after falling off my chair when my quote came in sooooo high!