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No centrestand how do i tightern chain?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by matti-san, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. I guess the topic says it all.

    Oh except i am getting a centrestand but I just noticed my chain is very very loose and would like to try and tighten today.

    any one got any tips?
  2. There's no reason you can't do it on the sidestand. Works fine.

    Centerstands are over rated. They're only usefull when lubricating the chain (oh, and removing the rear wheel and stuff, but how often do you do that?), so you can rotate the chain easily.

    Centrestand has no advantage over sidestand when adjusting chain. Its a shitty job either way.
  3. Thanks Kols,

    mmm best kebabs in Newcastle Beaumont Street next to the Kent, is it still there?

    I will try this arvo and you will probably hear me swearing all the way up there :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. center stands make it easyer thats all , as Kols said you can do it with only a side stand, or you could always make up your own padock stand ?!
    by useing the PNUT patiented milk crates or a pair of jack stands do the job just as well to :)
  5. I had the same problem when i went to lube my chain last week. All i ended up doing was making up a ramp(long plank of wood and a block) and backed the bike up on this. Then put some jack stands into position so that they will rest on the swings arms either side and gently rolled the bike down again.

    Easy done, might need a hand positioning the stands so that you dont risk dropping the bike thats all.
  6. Honda actually tells you to adjust chain on the side stand in the maintanance manual, just make sure the adjusters are the same each side of your bike so your wheel runs true and yes the kebabs next to the kent are still there and very good after a few schooners at the bar as I can back up very regularly. Just ake time with chain not really that hard after you do it a couple of times
  7. Here's a tip for no centre stand. You won't have to buy a thing either.
    Simply slip a packer or 2 under the side stand so the bike is nearly vertical (hang onto it so it doesn't tip over the other way whilst you do this)
    Then grab any sort of jack ie the scissor type out of the boot of your car, or a bottle jack, or a trolley jack -& pop it under the footpeg on the opposite side of the side stand. You may need a couple of packers to get enough lift out of it. Like bricks, pieces of wood -whatever.
    Then simply lift the bike till the rear wheel comes off the ground.
    To get the front wheel off the ground, simply move the jack further foward & lift from somewhere under the engine. Like the exhaust headers, frame rail -whatever. Pop a piece of timber between the jack & where you are lifting from to prevent scratchs or slippage. Works for me on all my bikes. Haven't lost one yet. And costs you nothing. And you can do it on your own.

    PS with this method you can do lots more than with a race stand -like pull the whole swingarm & shock etc, or pull the whole front end off the bike to repair forks, steering head bearings etc etc.
  8. Just get a rear stand, they are $90 for cheap ones.
  9. I just use a trolley jack under the rear link of the rear suspension
  10. milk crates FTW.
  11. Whats the trick in getting a bike up on milk crates? All I manage to be able to do is to get some nasty cracking sounds & watch the bike slowly crush them :shock: :shock: Then proceed to shit myself waiting for it to crash on its side :LOL:
  12. Thats what i do and seems to work no problems. If you take care and a bitof time you can get it very stable. never had any problem doing it this way.
  13. There called race crates! :grin:
  14. How does this work with footpegs that flip up?
  15. You simply lift under the footpeg pivot -close to the bike, not out at the end of the peg :wink:
  16. Well after breaking a cheap spanner I popped down to Bunnings and got meself a nice Sidchrome 22mm spanner [$37 :shock: ].

    Got my son [it's handy having a 15yo around] to hold the bike at the front, I loosened the backwheel, pulled the wheel back, tightened it back up, took all of 5 minutes.

    Now just need to get a piece of string and ensure it is straight, my job tonight.

    This is a POP job, thanks guys. :grin:
  17. I dont have a centre stand either but when doing the chain ect I get my trolley jack and jack it up from the right hand side the opposite side of the side stand so that it pivots slightly on the side stand and raises the rear wheel just enough to rotate freely.If you jack it too high it will tip.Another thing I have done is to place an axel stand under the swing arm on each side. this is more stable but a pain to do.