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No Brakes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by YZF600_OldSchool, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,
    Just looking for some advice on a couple of problems that i'm having. Recently I got the 600 registered again after about 8 months of sitting in the shed only being used for drag racing, now i'm having some problems the first being that I don't have any back brakes. I have been told that sometimes when you are doing hard braking (eg. the drags) the fluid heats up and bubbles therfore i need to bleed the brakes i've now tryed that and i am not getting any air from the nipples on the caliper but on the same note the pedal doesn't pump up either so do i have to bleed them from the top of the for want of a better word plunger or cylinder that the fluid gets pushed through as this point is the highest in the line?
    Also when i am riding the bike it has recently started smelling like its overheated but the gauge isn't showing anything other than normal and this usually happens well before it would be overheated any ideas?
    thanks heaps for the advice

  2. Replace the brake fluid, as it has probably absorbed some moisture while sitting.
    Check for fluid leaks on hot bits. Brake fluid on exhaust?
  3. How did you bleed the brakes, pump the pedal? If you can pump fliud through the caliper with the pedal, but can't get pressure (no brake) it would have to be master cylinder seals. If teh bike sat for 8 months, the seals could have stuck, and hwen you applied the brakes, tore up the seals. Or you could have had moisture in the fluid, it sat for 8 months and corrosion set in on the master cylinder bore.
    As for the hot smell, maybe you had/have a slow colant leak onto teh exhaust.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. thanks guys it seems that the fluid had moisture or something init as when i drain the whole system and put new fluid in it worked fine and still does (the next day) so thanks again for the advice
    just one more thing does anyone have a solution for squeky shock syndrome i'm not sure if there is somewhere i have to put oil or something so any advice on that would be great as you can tell i'm not very mechanically minded when it comes to sportsbikes i can tear the car apart and rebuild it but the bike is a whole new ball game :)