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No Boots!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by AntiSol, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Well, I went and bought gear today. I went a bit cheap in the end as I've had some slight financial issues this week (Tip: Don't lend money to people when you'll need it the next week, even if they say you'll have it in time! :evil: ), but I think I've at least got a decent helmet ('Shark' Brand, cost $350). I didn't get any pants - I figured these are slightly less essential than helmet, jacket, and gloves.

    Go on, call me an idiot. I know - I should have more / better stuff, but it's either cheap and nasty stuff now or no riding for another month. you can guess how hard a choice that is... I'll get some other/better stuff over the next couple of months (once I've reduced my chances of needing it)...

    ...And I'm not gonna fall off anyway... [-o<

    I looked at boots, but none of them fit me! Apparently motorbike boots are unable to withstand my brutish manliness - my calf muscles are too big - I can get into the boots but I can't do the zip up!

    So when the guy at the shop saw this, he goes 'You probably won't fit into any bike boots'. I was a bit nonplussed at this, and was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and what they've done about it - I don't like the thought of having broken toes, and had planned on getting boots.

    One thing I thought of was that I could go and get a pair of generic laceless, steel-capped boots... comments on this Idea?

  2. I'd keep searching for boots. Steel caps do nothing for crash protection, it is the leather that prevents abraision. I have heard horror stories of steel caps actually being responsible for cutting off toes. :shock:

    If the generic boots are elastic sided, then you have no ankle protection. The also can come off very easily (they are designed to do that) which would leave you totally unprotected. I'd say lace-ups would be better than elastic but remember to tuck the laces in so they don't get caught on the foot peg. :D
  3. "Slip on" style steelcaps are no good, definate possibility that they'll part company with your feet in an accident. Try look at solid leather lace-up style boots (eg army boots), not as good as dedicated bike boots but should still provide good protection. Just make sure the laces are done up securely, I've caught laces in the pedals of a pushy once, shudder to think what would happen if they snagged in a motorcycle chain :shock: .
  4. i believe you can get custom made boots.... someone was telling me this only the other day.

    Once i have a sleep i will probably remember who and where or maybe that person i was talking too can let you know....

    as for the shark helmet, i have had mine 3 months and where is every day, it's comfy, passes the standard seems great got no complaints with it. Personally i beleive alot of the cost of the 1000+ helmets has too to with the appearance/paint work.
  5. I think its Medal Boots in Gertrude Street Fitzroy that everybody raves about (pls correct me if i am wrong/they are no longer around)

    Old german guy that takes 8 or 9 measurements and lets you pick the style of boot. Cost $300 odd I think, but sounds like you don't have a huge amount of choice, and they are fantastic boots apparently

  6. I have had a pair of his boots for a few years now and they have been fantastic. I want another pair but I think he has retired. I don’t get down to the big smoke very often so if someone can let me know, if he is still there, or moved, or somewhere else that makes good boots, please let me know.
  7. I have the "fat man calves syndrome", found that pretty much the only boots that fit me without custom jobbies were sidi's. Fully adjustable calf area works like a treat... but kinda on the pricey side of things.
  8. How much Sluglie?

  9. Yep I was in the same boat around 12 months ago ... had the similar "fat calves syndrome" when trying on boots. Ended up with a pair of Daytona brand boots, (Flash model). Not the most expensive by any means .. seem good enough quality-wise though. Now, a bit over 12 months down the track and some 37,000klms later am still happy with them ... very comfy, can wander around in them all day, pretty much waterproof when given a wipeover with "Emu Wax" or similar and have a waterproof gusset that runs the full length of the zipper. They have an adjustable velcro thingy at the back of the calves so you can open them up/adjust the fit at the back. All-in-all am happy with 'em and can recommend them :D


    Hope this is of some help ..
  10. Thanks heaps guys!!! :D :D

    Whoa, there are some excellent suggestions here, I'll check them out. Those BMW sneakers look cool. I like the Daytona boots too...

    Meanwhile I have a friend coming over soon who has a pair he can lend me. he's a pretty big guy too some hopefully they will fit!
  11. Try and check out the RJAYS speed boot. Probably not the best boot for protection, but are built for riding so have to be better than a casual boot. They are like a basketball boot style with ankle protection and good toe covering. I do actually have a pair from my 250 days. I dont wear them now but have kept them for a spare. Also Alpine Stars have a boot which is what i actually have now and it secures with velcro and no zipper. The top of the boot is quite roomy so that could be another option for you as well.
  12. $125 frm memory, i have had mine about 18 months now and they are looking a bit tatty (i wear em most days) time for a new pair i think
  13. Just as a short aside, uSyd Vet students are forbidden from wearing steel caps when on prac, because if a horse stamps on your toes he'll break'em, but if he stamps on a steel cap it'll crush them to necrosis.

    So, maybe steel needs hard thinking about.