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no bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by spar, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. hello,
    i shouldn't even show my virtual presence here, i have no bike. it doesn't really matter for how long or why but i have no bike, my next bike purchase is hopefully to be a crf50 for my 5 and 8 y.o.

    my pos car doesn't work properly, i can't even hope for a bike for months ](*,)

    on an upside i did some downhill mountain biking where 2 people broke their arms, it was fun ! (well for us at least)

    probably pointless introduction since i'm not likely to be waving to anyone on the road for a while... well perhaps if you see someone waving to you in a failing car.

  2. G'day spar.

    Restricting the ranks of 'motorcyclists' to only those people who currently own one, would cut our numbers in half. You're a motorcyclist if you want to be one - simple as that. If the sight of a bike going past fills you with joy and envy and yearning, you're a motorcyclist.

    Best wishes with your finances or family or chief domestic executive or whatever is holding you back. We look forward to seeing you back on the road soon. We'll keep your spot warm.

  3. Gday spar!
    +1 to kd, well said.

    Get that bike dream some day mate!
  4. I told myself I would stop riding on the road when my first daughter was born. I guess a lot of us do as we know we are playing a risky game.
    Sold the roadies, and kept a dirty.
    Someone very close to me got cleaned up on the road. He didn't ride, or take much risks in life at all.
    A month later I had a new road bike and every one thought I was an idiot. Even mates who rode thought I had a death wish.
    Myself, I decided it didn't matter what, where, when how or why. Your times up... it's up!
    I am a decent rider. Most times I think I am safer on a bike to a car as I have the maneuverability to stay out of trouble. I stay more alert.
    And I live to ride. I love to ride and giving it up was giving up too much of me.
    Great to see your getting the kids into it.
    The time will pass fast mate. Ha ha specially with having kids.
  5. Thanks guys, i must admit this is pretty close to the truth, although the prompting was me having the sv on the back wheel at >160 (not easy, or really very safe...) that made me think a bit.
    Then i'd always get stuck at home on the weekend with kids and no transport (didnt own a car from 1992-2008).
    So i bought a junker 4 wheeler then the stupid POS car ate all the money i got from my bike and 1 year later i still cant get one.

    as Bretto says "giving it up was giving up too much for me", i am even wistfully looking at 1990's cb250's... although maybe a dirty with the kids crf50 would be just as good as a roady.

    as an aside, even with kind words, i dont feel like a motorcyclist any more, it wasn't really intended but somehow other s^&t came in front of motorbikes and voila >1 year later and i aint riding... a real motorcyclist would have found a way. i be soft car driver now.
  6. No mate. A real motorcyclist would still be trying. You do what you can do, but you do what you have to do first. I've gone years without a bike of my own, and got to spend a little time here and there in the wind due to the generosity of friends, and freak events.

    I've got a pretty flash bike at the moment, but that's only because I had a big accident (not at fault) and a payout. I can't really afford to run it or do the things on it I'd like to do, but ... the 2nd part of the payout is due about christmas. Then there'll be some riding.

    What I'm going to do long term to keep riding, I don't know. I'm not one of nature's rich people. I'm going to be struggling again one of these days.

    None of this makes me any less a motorcyclist.

    Look - I know how you feel. I was one of three friends who formed a bike club. It was a social and touring club, we were all txi drivers. I lost my bike and walked away from it because I felt like a fraud. The club still exists. It's called the Leisure Riders Club. I've approached them to say hello, and been greeted with a great deal of scepticism and suspicion - like "You say you're a founder, but nobody here was an original member and we don't know you from Adam - so what do you want?" Oh well - I guess that's fair enough. I can see their point. The point I'm making is that nobody chucked me out - I walked away, because I felt like I was an impostor. Don't. If you love bikes - you're one of us.