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No bike rides 4 me….

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Phanoongy, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. I have just come home from a 7 day holiday from St Vincent’s hospital that started with a 4 hour operation to reattach half of my right hand index finger.
    I did it when I was cleaning the chain of my bike in the driveway, the bike must have slipped into gear when I fell forward (had the bike on the centre stand) and the rag I was using got pulled in with my finger in it
    There is still a chance that my finger tip may still die so it’s not out of the woods yet!
    I will still try come to Southbank every now and then, and things not requiring 2 hands to do!

  2. Holy magoly Justin :shock: :shock: :shock:
    I hope the finger heals quickly. You can still ride with half an index finger so I hope to see you on your bike soon.
    Get Well!! :)
  3. Good god :shock: . I hope you come out alright with your fingers.
  4. Ouch! hope you heal quickly and that your fingertipe manages to hang in there! :shock:
  5. That's a shitty thing to have happen, Phanoongy, but fingers crossed you get better soon. Happy healing -s.
  6. OMG!!! *foot in mouth* sorry :/
  7. bloody hell mate, hope the finger reataches ok,

    i dont know, these damn cbr600 riders :LOL: :LOL:
  8. OMG!! :shock: I bet that hurt :( I hope it gets better really quickly

    Lisa :twisted:
  9. Yikes! Healing thoughts headed your way to save the finger. Hopefully you'll be back on a bike again within a few months?
  10. ouch.... thats gotta hurt.
    at least the bikes ok though!
  11. Thanks for all the positive feedback! I know I will ride again, it’s just a matter of time! ….I just hate to look outa the window and see my bike and know I can’t go for a ride (even though I know im not the only one in that position….hows the leg mouth!)
  12. Scary - you're not the first person I know who's done that. Hope you heal up 100%, and sympathies to you. Take it easy.
  13. That's a right bugger Justin, bugger, bugger, bugger!

    Let me guess, you were cleaning the chain with the engine running? Trick for young players, never clean the chain with the engine running, or as I used to do, with it on the centre stand and in gear so I didn't have to spin the wheel. How I kept all my fingers is anyone's guess.

    Hope it heals well and the nerves and blood vessels repair themselves.
  14. Good God! Thats making me squirm!! Thats it. No DIY for me! Anyone wanty to buy a Haynes Manual? :shock:
  15. :? crikey, thats a bit friggen nasty eh....

    i know its probably a bit harsh but i gotta say it. this is a good lesson for all those that do this with the engine running. shit does happen sometimes and i dont think its worth the time it saves doing this with a running engine. i did it a few times but never again after seeing a photo of it. its not a pretty sight, those chains and sprockets dont cut clean :shock:

    all the best to ya mate, hope you end up with your whole finger in use. painful painful thing to happen :(
  16. Icky yucky ouchies!! :shock: Gonna have to nag jason about something else now... Hope the finger heals OK mate!
  17. You could call him "Pointer" from now on, cause.... Ah, maybe I don't know you guys well enough to be trying to make a joke about it. A friend of mine had his thumb torn off by a lathe cause he had his apron tied round the front. Silly boy. His mate was more freaked out than he was! Got it put back on but has lost about 20 to 30% use of it I think. Good luck with it at any rate.
  18. Ye gawds justin. That's such a freaky accident. Hope it heals up well and quick.
  19. Oooowww Now there is a mental image that I just dont need...

    How the hand (an im sure the whole hand seems to hurt) get better soon.