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No Bike For Easter

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ametha elf, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. My bike has been in the garage for a week waiting for a small mechanical issue to be fixed. I was hoping to have it back for Easter but sadly that wasn't the case. Its been lovely fine riding weather and I've missed riding my bike so much, and hate seeing the empty spot in our carport. The whole world seems to be out riding over the weekend. Luckily hubby has a bike and so I've been pillioning on it, but after riding my own for 4 years, I'm not such a good pillion rider as I used to be!

  2. I know exactly how you feel, m'lady. The Hornet is sold and going this week so I'm not riding it, the owner of the Fireblade I WANT won't return my PMs, and the owners of the other bikes in the frame are spread to the four winds on the long weekend and I can't even test-ride their machines, much less buy one :LOL:.
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  3. That's sucks for sure, just when you have some time too!
    Hope it gets sorted sharpish and you are out on the road again girl!
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  4. ...Damn, that's no good Ametha!! :cry: At least pillioning gets you on a bike, but it's just not the same is it!! :-k

    I hope the bike gets fixed soon (y)
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  5. tell the man-slave you're taking his bike for a strap?
    Make him cook his own dinner if he doesn't like it
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  6. Aww that sucks :(

    My bike had a cracked manifold intake, but I know a guy who's been a bike mechanic for years so I dropped it off to him and got it back the next day. He gave me the old part and there were plenty of cracks in it, no wonder my poor bike wouldn't idle properly. I hope time goes quickly for you, you must be going insane, I know I would.

    I hope you get it back soon, but if not maybe you could pretend to be interested in a couple of bikes at a shop and get test rides :D
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  7. Only problem is that my feet dangle about a foot in the air on his bike.
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  8. My tale of woe is nearly as bad.
    My bike is in the garage and works just fine, however im nowhere near my garage and am working 14 hr shifts since last wednesday, and will be working 14 hr shifts until my last one this swing tuesday 24th april.
    Must say its been lovely cool mornings (20c) and warm days up (28c) here too... until april 24th you watch!.
  9. Haha, I know the feeling!
  10. eh just don't stop :twisted:
  11. Now you tell us - mine needs a good run and my leg is not strong enough yet. Hang on, seat is out getting recovered and I forgot there's no rego now.
    I know your feeling - can't wait until I can hop back on.