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No baby's going to stop me from riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by basejumper, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. ;-)


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  2. I'll take two.
  3. You want twins? Double the trouble.
  4. No, ive got two children already
  5. I'm not having any kids, problem solved. :D
  6. Ditto!

    But thats funny! Clever idea ;)
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  7. you might find a volenteer to help tahlia if you asked around.

    i only help the natural way...
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  8. Famous last words..... you two might have to eat them one day - and by the way, kids are fun!

  9. Yeah, nah. :)
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  10. Lol, nah, I've got plenty of reasons for not wanting them, number one being that I've never been interested in it, I'm not maternal at all. I also have 3 neurological disorders which I'd rather not pass on, there's never a guarantee they won't get it. I like kids, but only for short periods of time hehehe. I went nuts not being able to ride a bike for 6 weeks, I think I'd jump off a cliff if I couldn't do it because I was pregnant. I'd rather rub sandpaper in my eyes. :p
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  11. If you had twins you could get by with panniers, if you had triplets, panniers and a top box. After that, all bets would be off :LOL:.
  12. Side car
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  13. Good thought!!!
  14. They say a kid can cost $1,000,000 these days over 18 years. Imagine the bike stuff you could buy for that!!! :)
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  15. They cost the rest after the first 18 years! ;)

    Still, I don't think I'd have it any other way....just trying to figure out how to kick the last couple out!!
  16. "Out now. You're old&ugly enough". Bahahaha ;)
  17. I like your direct approach, but with boys, the only motivation is Internet connection. Perhaps I should just cut it off (the Internet, that is).

    How have you been travelling inthe heat this week?

  18. Lol! Yup you should ;)

    And quite well- the only time I struggled was Wednesday around 2. But today has been like a summer's day in qld. [where I'm from] so I'm not doing too bad.

    What about you?
  19. Haven't ridden in the heat this week but did last year a bit. I have a work car that others use but as we were able to get our hands on a couple of extra cars recently, mine is not needed by others as much, so I drive rather than ride most days. But I am a distance runner and therefore am OK. I have often gone for a 1 1/2 hour run then a 200 km ride. I'll be honest with you, I am happiest on the Reefton or going up Donna Buang on my bike. It is just so much fun, but I am probably not fast, but have endurance.

    Been great so far to meeting all nert raiders (courtesy uncle greg). :)