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No Aussi AMA Pro Superbike Champion this year

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by racewatcher, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Can't win them all.
  2. He wouldn't give a rats crack. He's already stated his commitment to the new series and not to continue with the new promoters of the AMA superbike series, which many (including myself) believe is the reason he has been targeted for scrutiny. From what I have heard and read, if they actually checked all of the bikes properly then nobody would be left in the race because they are all as guilty as MM and his team.
  3. So why use the part then?
  4. Because it increased reliability. They actually went as fast or faster in the next race with the stock part in the bike!
  5. QUE?
    Racers don’t look for reliability the look for power improvements calculated to 5 decimal places.
    It was Denis Conner that coined the phrase “If it doesn’t break it is to heavyâ€, Then again he is also the man that lost the Americas Cup to Australia with a broken spreader in 2 out of the three races.
  6. *cough*bullshit*cough*

    Speed is worthless if you don't make it to the finish line!

    Racers look for reliability AND power improvements calculated to 5 decimal places.
  7. Its better to be consistent than fast, and that means crossing the line everytime.
  8. I think I have mislead people in my view… I agree leading a race for the first half and retiring with a blown size 7 widget has no value at all (Especially for the manufacturer) That was sort of why I pointed out the DC Story… But I was under the impression that most racers didn’t really think that way.