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No animal should endure it

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,23010379-661,00.html

    'No animal should endure it'

    Eleni Hale

    January 06, 2008 12:00am

    NIGEL Williamson is an angel of mercy for hurt and trapped animals throughout Melbourne.

    A self-styled veterinary paramedic, Nigel and his team race to the aid of wildlife or domestic pets in trouble.

    Nigel's Animal Rescue receives up to 30 calls a day. And 2008 is already busy for the animal saviours.

    During a recent fortnight they were called to the aid of four shooting victims, all wild birds: a magpie in Caulfield was left to die after being shot through the beak with a nail gun; a pelican was discovered in Seaford with a gunshot wound; and a duck and a goose were victims of crossbow shootings in separate incidents.

    "It's probably kids but we can't know for sure," he said.

    "(The magpie) was one of the most blatant acts of cruelty I've seen in 23 years, including when I worked for the RSPCA.

    "You get ratbags out there who think it's fun to pick on poor defenceless animals."

    Other rescues include kittens and small birds trapped between walls, possums stuck in chimneys and a horse which fell into a swimming pool, but couldn't climb out.

    And Nigel has the scars to mark his good deeds -- including one from a 500kg cow that stepped on him when he tried to save it from drowning in a drain.

    But he says his injuries are nothing against his heartache at witnessing deliberate pain inflicted on helpless animals.

    "We've received an increasing number of animal cruelty complaints," he said. "It still saddens me, but it doesn't really surprise me any more."

    But private rescue work is vital to the funding of wildlife rescue and animal cruelty cases, Nigel says.

    "My first job on New Year's Day was a copper snake in Upper Beaconsfield," he said yesterday.

    The second job was a possum that had made its home in someone's linen cupboard.

    Last year a woman woke to find a bat caught in her tennis net.

    Animal Liberation Victoria says the work of Nigel's Animal Rescue gives the chance of life to animals suffering from serious injuries.

    "The magpie would be unable to eat, and would die a slow lingering death," ALV vice president Noah Hannibal said.

    "That's something no one should have to endure.

    "It's messed up that someone would do this."

    Those who want to report a wounded animal or donate blankets or money can contact Nigel on 1800 751 770.


    It's sick f*(ks like this that make me wish that the punishment fits the crime by shooting these :censored: with a nail, arrow or bullet in the same fashion they shot a poor defenseless animal. :soapbox:
  2. .... not to mention the fact that studies on murderers and serial killers have established that many of these people started their careers of killing people by torturing and killing animals......
  3. I most strongly agree!!

    we have done rehabilitation on rescued pets for over nearly 15 years
    our first was a Rottweiler and our current is a Rottweiler
    our Stafford male is also a rescue

    some people seem to think its just a dumb animal and they can do what they like to them.

    I remember years ago our 4wd club did a hound up, then call to the local cops of a guy and his friends walking through the Otways with his crossbow, some of the cruelty inflicted on the animals they found from that left me in tears for a long time.

    Yay for Nigels Animal Rescue
    hope the person who did that to the Magpie burns in hell for eternity

  4. As a cyclist of many years I have a hard time feeling anything for a stricken magpie. I say he's lucky the guy was a rotten shot with a nail gun! The bird wouldn't have needed Nigel after a meeting with my nail gun :evil:
    What do you do with these ferralls when they constantly attack you, but the council won't do anything? Kill 'em quickly and quietly, yourself! Otherwise the results can be deadly,

  5. Harden up triway u gotta helmet when your cycling everyones been swooped by magpies no biggie.
  6. WOW

    Ok I had a reply all done but deleted it
    dont need to say anything
    your response has said it all........and given enough information about the type of person you are then anything I could say

  7. The fact that some animals have defensive behaviours does not excuse cruelty Triway.

    Having said that... as a cyclist there is a household not far from here that has a small pack of unwatched, left to roam, dangerous dogs that *always* attack any cyclist that rides past their place.

    I and several other people have reported this to the local council but to no effect.

    I find myself wondering how long it will be until someone rides past with a little kid on a push bike and the child ends up mauled.

    Council inactivity isn't a good thing either.
  8. So, Stromer, never stepped on an ant? Put snail bait out to protect you vege garden? Would you kill a snake in your yard that had your child in a corner?
    The fact that I would kill an animal that attacks humans doesn't make me a monster. Tie it up and let the cat play with it, that would.
    Bears and lions have defensive behaviour to ZRX1200R, should I just try to 'shew' one away if I ever find one attacking me? Your own example is perfect, what do you do if you are riding with the family and a pack of dogs decides they don't like you?

  9. You sir are a disgraceful excuse for a human being and that comment confirms everything I've thought about you. :evil:

    Putting a nail through an birds head means that you would have to deliberately catch it, hold it down and fire. Completely different to killing a snake that's cornered your little one.

    I hope you get whats coming to you shithead
  10. The magpie is a very defensive parent and only swoops because it's attempting to protect it's young. You are killing it and probably it's off-spring...
  11. Yeah, I carry my nailgun with me on every ride! :roll: You wouldn't have to deliberately catch the snake before you killed it? I personally wouldn't use a nail gun, that's ridiculous, but I would have no problem destroying a dangerous animal whether it be a bird or a snake or anything else.

    Ohhhhhhhhhh, my mistake........

    That makes it perfectly OK for it to blind or kill someone then

    Saves me having to do the same terrible thing next year.

    Hippys :roll:
  12. There's a big difference between shooting an animal out of self-defence then shooting them for fun, or even worse maiming them to die painful, slow deaths.

    I think that it is selfish thinking to want to kill a species of wildlife because you are inconvenienced by their swooping when you cycle. The Magpies are hardly endangering your life, and one freak incident does not make all birds killers.

    Kids are killed by the family pet dogs, should all dogs be put to death too? What about drivers who cut you off while riding? Should they be eradicated too? They pose more of a threat then any magpie..... Were does it end?
  13. KK, nowhere did I say I would or could hurt any animal for fun.

    Every year people are injured, blinded, gouged, and in at least one case killed by magpies. Would I kill them all? No. Would I kill the ones attacking people in heavily populated areas, near schools etc? Absolutely.

    Don't try to put words in my mouth.
  14. Not that it will deter you triway (tough magpie killer that you are) but it's also illegal...
  15. No. You said

    which quite clearly says that you would use a nail gun on a bird. Absolutely disgusting. You're a disgrace. Remind me to never ride with you pal.
  16. So is speeding...........

    Not that it will deter you.
  17. Which you self righteously have a go at countless people about, yet killing a native animal illegally is alright because it inconveniences you???

    Talk about hypocritical. :roll:
  18. Hopefully some day he'll have a nail gun used on him while someone is breaking into his property and threatening his children/family...

    Alternatively, call 9224 2222 with his full name and address and tell them how he's bragging about killing protected wildlife... :)
  19. My life will be so empty.................

    So is your issue with the fact that this guy used a nail gun to try to kill the bird or the fact that he tried to kill the bird?
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