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No activity outside of the SE?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Naked6, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Seems there isn't a lot of Netrider activity north of Brisbane or GC in QLD. Is there ever events closer to Rockhampton/Gladstone/Yeppoon way? I didn't see any in the events section.

  2. To get Netrider activity, you need to move down one a state, preferable two :)

  3. There are people on here from there, but no activities. Yet.
  4. Build it and they will come! Just start a Nth Qld Tuesday night ride thread and start spreading the word!
  5. Then get done by the coppers for riding in a group of three or more
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  6. Can't tell if sarcasm? It's not illegal to ride in a group of 3 or more. It just gives them reasonable cause to pull you over. You can't even be charged under the bikie laws unless you commit a serious offence which is defined as an offence that would give you a jail time of 7 years or more.

    Besides, doesn't seem to happen outside Brisbane.
  7. I think you should read that other thread and get up to speed.
  8. Who'd really want to live north of Gympie anyway, let alone ride a bike that far north! LOL
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    I know its a little hard to tell from way down there near the antarctic, but why would a guy from Rocky organize a Nth Qld ride night?

    That's like a bloke from Clifton Hill organizing a South Australian bike night.

    Perhaps he could organize a Central QLD ride though? LOL
  10. It'd make for one hell of a cruize out to meet point right :p
  11. There is nothing in that thread that goes against what I said? Not that I could see anyway. And my info comes from a police sergeant I'm related to. Around here you can tell an OMC from other riders because they're all from one club, and their numbers are so small the police probably know them all by name.

    Off topic anyway.

    Anyone who likes to live in a place where bike theft is very low and police/speed traps are few, traffic lights are rare and traffic is nearly none existent on the highways :D

    About 12 hrs... if I didnt stop!

    Edit: Because I ride like a sloth.
  12. LOL.

    You'd be stuffed just getting to the meet point. Some of the roads up here are nothing short of numbing. I did a run from Blackwater ( where I now work) to Mackay last month via the Fitzroy Development Rd ( known as the Beef Road). Just under 300klm of bumpy, shitty road with not one real bend in its whole length! Yawn fest!

    Your forgot to mention. No real twisties or decent bike roads for 600klm! That's why there is no bike theft. Only a few select idiots ( like you and me) actually own road bikes when there is really no where quality to ride them! LOL

    If theft is so low, why would it cost me less to insure my bike here in Mackay than it does in the Sunshine coast?
  13. It costs you less because theft is so low :/ if theft was higher you would be paying more in Mackay. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.

    Yeah the road to Blackwater is pretty boring, I lived there 17 years. Nebo as well. Have to stick to the coast to find anything decent, or do blasts up and down Mt Archer.
  14. You are misunderstanding me. It is CHEAPER to insure my bike on the Sunny Coast. I did the exercise a few months back as I am moving soon.
  15. Interesting. I'm paying $450 a year for full comp up in Rockhampton.
  16. Try again. Have a read of this.


    One of the 'crimes' you can spend 15 years in gaol for is "Dangerous use of a motor vehicle". Now I'm pretty sure it doesn't attract a 7 year gaol sentence by itself.
  17. I suggest you educate yourself a little more. You maybe correct for your little part of the world. But in other parts of Qld the poohlice are so confused as to who is and who isn't a criminal they have pulled over members of the Patriots MMC, raided a VVMMC club house.

    More the poohlice have recently asked that riders register their rides (if more than 12 riders will be involved) so they can avoid being harassed by them. Oh, but you can expect to be met by the local constabulary at the beginning of your ride.

    Not to mention any real criminal with half a brain that did happen to ride a bike, probably doesn't ride any more.