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No.46 Rossi at the creek!!!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Medic please, Nov 28, 2008.

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  2. was that you bro? i was the dude on the cbr 1000 rr with the black tank. Circuit breakers day on monday? I have a few more days booked in at the creek if ur keen.
  3. Sorry don't recall you from the day.

    That was my first time on the track so was taking lots in and missed lots of other things and people.

    Had a ball on the track but I was in C grade regretably and lost lots of track time due to crashes which also interfered with the instruction.

    The last 2 sessions I just went out and did my own thing basically.
    Best time was 1.59.9. Scraped under the 2min by a whisker. :cool:

    Bit dissolusioned with the school.
    How was the day for you?
    Is that your bike just past the Aprillia?
    Mines hiding behind the YZF

  4. I was in C's too, pretty much every accident happened right before i ran through the area lol It was also my first track day. I wound up pumping out a 2.02, but i was constantly overtaking so i didnt get a chance to run any lines. My photos are up on the jpm photography website...im on...page 5, three rows down and fourth across.

    I didnt mind the day, because i got to chat to my instructor a fair bit. There was only 5 guys in our group, and one guy stacked his 999 three sessions in.

    I tend to think from the day, now ive had time to think about it, i should be a fair bit quicker next time, because i now have had the ability to sit back and adjust my lines for each corner with a bit of thought. I wish id stayed out in the last session for more than two laps, my two "warm my tyres" up laps were as fast as my best laps from the sessions before...so little traffic...but sooooo tired lol

    When are you going back bro? ive got a track day booked in on the 14th of dec, and 8th of jan. Im keen to get a few more in though.
  5. Nice shot on jpm.
    Ha I'm on the same row first pic no.329

    Did you have Jim the guy with the cam on his bike?

    I was left to find my own group at the start and was with him but got changed after the warm up. Thought it was going to be good as there was only two of us. Me and a guy that had dropped back from B after the warm up.

    From what I sawof Jim I wished I'd stayed with him. Just the camera alone showed up things to improve and was so easy to see. Also thought Jim got a hard time after all the crashes and red flag runners.

    There were some very clueless people there on the day.

    Questions like " and what's compression braking?" and my favourite " so you're going around turn 2, which knee are you sticking out?"

    Lordy lordy think they missed a school or two. And a few televised races ha ha.

    Could see that some guys were way out of there depth on there chosen bikes and would probably benefit more from getting a much smaller capacity dirt bike and find out what it's like to have it moving around underneath them and locking front and rear sometimes at the same time.

    I saw so many even in the later sessions locking up the rear going into turns at incredibly low speeds indicating a lack of bike craft.
    Good on them for having a go and trying to improve through the school.

    I just felt a little unsafe around them. Around corners was a nightmare because they wobbled and snaked through the turns and down the straights they often drag raced you to the next corner only to slam on the breaks and repeat the process.

    Think they almost need a seesion to themselves for everyones safety.

    That turn 9 demo was great but I was in such a rush to get there I didn't have a camera with me.........damn.

    I was hoping for a 6th session but that turned out to be wishful thinking.
    I regularly do 500-1000kms on a day ride so tiredness wise I was left wanting more at the end of the day.

    I didn't time any of the sessions did you? Another 10 mins each session would suit me as I noticed the pack started to spread out a bit as the laps passed making it easier to get around.
  6. Oh and to answer your question about when again.....

    On the school day I got home just in time to whisk my wife off to casualty with a snapped achilles tendon.

    She is now in plaster for 12 weeks.

    My dilema is that should I risk doing another track day or two before then and risk even a minor injury that would have both of us disabled for a period of time.
    I know that doesn't seem too optimistic considering if I don't push too hard nothing should happen, but we have 3 kids under 11 so I have to be realistic.
    Also there's all those statistical arguments that say I should.

    I am desperate to get back there so it's not ruled out yet. Would like to go to Oran park too before it closes for good.

    Hey you weren't the guy I was going around with in session 4 or 5. You passed me then comming into turn 2 I went screaming past too hot and ran way wide then the next time round I think you did the same and pulled out of the corner.

    If that was you I wished I'd tagged along with you earlier in the day. I needed a giddyup and got that when you passed me into turn 4 I think.
  7. Yeah man, i had a good fight with two yellow bikes that day, im calling winner on both! lol j/k :LOL:

    Was a heap of fun, I agree with you on a heap of it, but i kind of remembered we are all there for a bit of fun, 2 or 3 more track days, and i think i should safely be able to move into B grade, id assume you too, you were moving along pretty good from what i remember.

    I was a bit nervous overtaking people, the first few sessions with a slow guy, i literally just sat behind them, then blew by them on the straights. After about 4th, or 5th, i was just hooking around the outside of them. I reckon the trick to it, is to pull out in the first 10 riders, and just keep a solid pace on your first two laps until the heat comes into the tyres, then you can unleash, because there will only be about 10 people infront of you.

    Jim was good, i wish id got a video of the day, so i could work on my body positioning alot more, im pretty happy with it, but i think i need to get my head a bit lower.

    My highlight of the day, was dragging my knee at 200km/h in turn one, after hitting 257 indicated down the straight, and losing the back end, mid corner, and have a mini powerslide with the knee on the deck. I thought i was a gonna for sure lol

    If your keen man, and want to do another school in about 3 months, or even a day, hit me up. Im keen.
  8. I was thinking B grade next time anyway. If you look at the times we would;ve been middle of the pack. And I think like any sport being among better,quicker players/riders always lifts you and you ending up learning a lot.

    The 14th at Eastern Creek will be my best shot at getting out again. I've had a tentative offer of a discounted day
    Still have to run it by the missus. Depends how mobile she is by then and if I can find a way to occupy the kids for the day.
    Just sold a 5 speed gbox on ebay so have enough $ for a couple of days.

    Was thinking about just lobbing up at one of the other schools and taking some pics as well as having a squiz at how the others do it.

    Speaking of pics I think my mate got a few of you with my SLR.
    I'll go thru them again if they are anygood I'll send them to you. The ones he got of me are way better than the jpm pics.

    He's got me in one pic just entering turn 1 and almost full lean. Looks fast even as a still lol
    That's another reason I need to go to the track. I need to show him up with some pics as it's MY camera. lol He'd never used an SLR before the day.
  9. Yet...back in March you wrote:

    Over here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=770647#770647

    So, are you suffering from memory loss, getting really slow, or just full of shit?

    PS: All hail the Creek - and great to see you guys are getting out to the track :)
  10. Its was my first day back from an injury, so i do tell a lie, i havent been around the creek in quiet a while though, so thanks for making fun of my time lol. Also, that post could have been my dad, we post on the same account.

    That would be hot if there were any pics i could pinch man, im keen to get a few.

    Any of the better riders keen to comment on my body positioning? My old man is telling my to put my head down a bit more, and more towards the way im turning.