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Nixys Birthday

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MVrog, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. They obviously forgot you, Nixy, but I hope you have a great Birthday.

  2. "They", Roger??

    Who is Nixy???
  3. Awww Mv thank you!
    Not everyone forgot, Ive had some lovely messages & calls etc :)

    Errr Ummm Paul, is age finally catching up with you huh :p
  4. well i didn't know you'd changed your name again :oops:

    Happy 26 minutes :LOL:.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it's a goodie :grin:

    Caroline & John.
  6. Gawd Paul I thought you had your tappy little fingers connected to NR's pulse! Keep up will ya :wink:

    Edit: Thanks Pinx & Raven recelebrating 21st's is always good :LOL:
  7. Hey Chicky,

    hope you had a great day


    Big hugs
  8. Happy belated Birthday Nixy !!!
  9. What's the rule again about birthday girls shouting on Willy Monday nights?

    21? Wow same age as me. :rofl:

    Hope you had a great birthday.
  10. Happy Belated Birthday wishes coming your way Nixy... Hope your day was an absolute hoot!