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Nitwit 250 on the Monash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, May 22, 2007.

  1. To the nitwit on the little 250 sports thingy, that turned the Southbound Monash Frwy lanes into S-bends this morning, as he weaved in and out of traffic - sometimes changing 3 lanes and then back again...finally turning off at Wellington rd.
    Good riding!!....but not the place or time Dude!...Every car you swept in and out of was pissed off, and I was following along behind you, copping the looks! Ta for that!
    Try to be a little more contained for f#*k sake!

  2. ya shoulda caught up and gave him a shake of the head to tell him its not on... you might have saved a life. I hate when other riders give us a bad name, but then again that used to be me...
  3. Pfft you're just angry you can't do it on the chunky blackbird

    ok so you probably can, but shh :p
  4. pfuh!... :LOL: Weeeell....I could do it....but I have to go up and down the Monash everyday, so while I might give it some mojo now and then...I try to be civil among the cages. :grin:
  5. Wasn't on a bright green zx2r was he? This bloke on L's pulled up at the lights next to me at the Burke rd intersection to the Monash on ramp a couple of days ago. Gave him the nod, then next thing as the lights turn green he hares off like bull at a gate then split between two cars on the freeway by the narrowest of margins. Then did a couple of double lane changes with no indication.

    I was seriously expecting to have to stop and pickup some bits of bike and body further down the track. It doesnt help our cause. Like you say Raven there is a time and place for it.
  6. mmm...might have been...certainly the same kind of bike action...
    Not sure of the color...wizzed past me before I saw him coming....grrr!
  7. As someone who lives near the Wellington Rd, I reckon I have seen this idiot. The last time I saw him was a couple of weeks back on a Tuesday arvo. I'm looking for an opportunity to giving him a bit of a scare while in the cage some day ;) :evil:
  8. i think i saw the yellow cbr. anyway it's up to him isn't it. shouldn't curse on him
  9. that fair enough, and you are right to a point.. its his decision.. but at the same time, riders are alot rarer breed on the road, and the OP is someone with a great amount of riding experience..there it a time and place for all kinds of things, nd ravens experience says it was the wrong time and place for that sort of riding.
  10. oh please don't
  11. x 2.

    There's also a knob-jockey on a black GPX250 with an L plate who almost ran into me today swerving around between cars and lanes while attempting to lanesplit at 60+ down the Monash. :evil: He was just lucky that I'd seen him coming and compensated for his lack of riding skill. :roll:
  12. I suppose my bike could be mistaken for a 250 :? Its not green though :wink:
  13. well, this is rather apt:

    idiots within the mc community let alot of us down and unfortunately we end up having to deal with the ramifications...
  14. Sad.

    On the other hand being trash shows hey?
  15. I'm not trying to dictate how people ride...only that if you ride disrespectfully there are ramifications. (not to mention the danger)
    I enjoy a "play" as much as the next guy...maybe even more, and I've pulled a few stupid moves over the years :p ...but Cagers will tolerate a certain amount of respectful filtering and lane swapping...they expect us to do it, and tend not to bother us when we do. (generally speaking).

    When you start sweeping in big arcs across 3 lanes of traffic and back again, and then continue to do it, it's dangerous because cagers are'nt expecting that, and you will surprise them!...I saw brake lights coming on everywhere ahead of me, as this bloke swept in and out of the lanes ahead. :shock:

    I'm just saying that it's beyond what public joe cager will tolerate. And it's a dangerous game to play in the traffic.
  16. No that just seemed to be an example of yet another stupid road rage filled car driver. I would have spat in her face.
  17. possibly.?

    not alot, in cali., hold back with what's on their mind.

    point being, that we as rider's have to seriously think about what it is we do on the roads. act like an asshat and it's more than likely you or the next mc rider that's in contact with an irate cager will cop the abuse or worse.

    "who cares", some say...well, if a wtf moment, similiar to the one i posted, happens to one of you when next your out on a road thank the previous mc rider.

    that, or the cager really is a fcukingknob from the start :LOL:

    oh, yeah...disclaimer: i'm no angel, but i try.
  18. The two possibilities aren't mutually exclusive ;)

    As much as I don't think we should tiptoe around d1ckheads to avoid offending them, it's also incredibly selfish to create messes that others will have to clean up or live in. That is, pissing off cagers for your own selfish reasons *does* effect other riders... and saying you don't care about that just says something about your own character.
  19. Bravus... You Da Man.

    I couldn't have put it better myself.
  20. sorry i was in the line of 'someone 'jealous' of others' like one that wanted to hit the biker with his car? lol. and didn't think that he upsetted the cagers which is not a good idea

    one thing for sure to cager that want to hit any biker, make sure you did it good, else who knows what happen next :wink: