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nitros oxide on a 750

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by homer501, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. hey guys any one here ever tried nitros on a bike im thinking about it.

  2. 's been done in the past on a few bikes in bike magazines.

    For road-legal vehicles - In Victoria and Queensland a road-registered vehicle cannot have any nitrous-oxide system installed at all. "Due to EPA emissions issues", I believe. You can be fined/defected on the spot for having any part of a nitrous system installed on a road vehicle.

    In NSW a road-registered vehicle may have a nitrous oxide system, but the system can't have a bottle connected when driven on the street.
  3. I would be looking at a dry NOS kit if i were you. I have read many a story about engines getting cooked while attempting to get the right input of NOS. Check out the wonderful world of Ebay, i know for the 14 they do a kit for about $285US.. :twisted:
  4. Why the Nos. If you want more power buy a faster bike.