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NITRO X Fuel Commander

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by CamKawa, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. http://nitroxchips.com/


    "15 fuelling programs!"

    "No technical knowledge required!"

    Right. By simply moving those four cheap-ass switches into different positions (to select one of 15 fuelling programs - the 16th state is "off"), all of the intricacies of my motorcycle's tuning will be solved!

    It's not even programmable!

    Snake oil, I say. Like the $30 "+20hp!" resistors-in-a-box you can buy on eBay to tamper with a car's air-flow meter's sensor output. Even if it DID work, why not go down to Jaycar and buy a variable resistor for $0.50 and save yourself $29.50?
  2. So these are rubbish then? Go for a PCIII?
  3. If the 15 fuelling programs are designed for each bike, then wouldn't it be ok? Just like downloading a map for your PC3 that was made for your bike.

    I want to hear from someone who has used one of them... the ebay seller of these has 99.8% positive feedback.
  4. Use one myself, does exactly as I wanted it to do.
  5. How do you decide which setting to use of the 15, and how do you know what each one does?

    And wouldn't each different bike need its own settings?
  6. yeah how do you know what program to use ?. at that price though, they are tempting compared to the PCIII
  7. It just replaces the intake air temperature sensor in your airbox. It sends 15 different readings back to your ECU as different air temperature readings,when it tells the computer it is cold air, the ECU adjust the fuel & ign timing to suit , usually richens the mixtures.

    It will only use the preset standard fuel/ign curves in the ECU for different intake air temps. It is not as accurate as a Power Comander but for only $69 it got rid of my lean stumble at 4000rpm on part throttle so I was happy.

    To properly set the best of the 15 programs, you'd need to try each on on the dyno to see.
  8. thanks. for the $ its maybe a try
  9. Another cheaper alternative would be to just fit a resistor to the air intake temperature. To work out what value resistor you need you will have to check the resistance of the sensor at certain temperatures and then just buy the resistor required $1 max.