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Nitro Helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Black306, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys

    I'm a true newb (no bike, no license yet - but I'm learning) looking to get my first helmet. As suggested in other posts, I will go with what fits best, first and look at other features second.

    Having said that...I've got a few biker friends, but none seem to have heard much about Nitro helmets. (www.nitro-helmets.com) They seem to have got good reviews on overseas websites.

    I like the price/features of the N610V

    They are around $230 - $250 according to www.mcas.com.au

    Any experiences? Thoughts etc?

  2. nitro's actually range from $150 - $600 up at bike mart, for there price there actually a rather quiet helmet, but i found them to have poor ventilation and to be uncomfortable.
    As for looks there not to bad, bike mart have one there that slamed a tree at 130kph nice to see they hold up.
  3. I bought a whole heap of gear just before buying a bike, got a decent discount for getting all the stuff at the same place.

    part of the package was a helmet(of course!!) I got a nitro N610V, basically cos it was the only one that I found to be comfortable. I have a funny shaped boof head, take an xxl in size, and must be long and narrow in shape, cos most helmets seem to dig into my forehead. The Nitro was spot on.

    It's got comfortable noise levels, reasonable ventialtion, but does tend to fog up easily, you need to have the visor open to the first notch at anything below 65ks I've found.
    Ear space seems quite generous, good if you want to wear an intercom/mp3 device (or have wingnuts for ears)

    Haven't tried any anti-fog stuff yet, but will soon.
    Cost me $165 inc a second tinted visor.

  4. Iffracem

    Thats a lot cheaper than the www.mcas.com.au website quoted for the same helmet.

    Can I ask where you got your helmet from?

  5. what you gotta remember is that no matter how good a helmet is in all other respects, the fit is the most important thing. it could be the best helmet in the world in every other way but if it doesn't fit your skull, dont buy it. go to a shop and have a bit of a try of a few brands and styles, they should know how to fit a helmet properly and will guide you through choosing better than any of us can over the net :wink:

    you dont have to buy one from that shop, just get an idea of fitting etc. remember you've gotta spend a bit of time inside the thing so it needs to be comfy, and its the only thing stopping your head cracking open like an egg in the event of a stack..... happy helmet hunting :D

  6. Sure, it was from a local dealer here in hobart, "motorworks" (http://www.motorworks.com.au/)
    Like I said, I bought a heap of gear all at once, (gloves, jacket, helmet, and a holding deposit on an Across I ended up buying) so I got a good discount.
    Re-reading my post, I stuffed up... that should be 185 inc the tinted visor, not 165, but it's still a good price. All up the gloves, helmet and moto-dry jacket with liner, all xxl in size (maybe I need a diet :shock: ) )
    Cost $520.

    Got meself some Blundstones "mountainmaster" boots, http://store.yahoo.com/blundstoneboots/blbllegcoma.html, a compromise cos I do a heap of walking each day, and these are sooo comfy, both on and off the bike (besides, their made in Tas :wink: )
    and two pairs of dragginjeans bought over the web.

    I'm lucky that I work in a place that doesn't expect me to wear a suit, so the blunnies, draggin jeans are comfortable enough to wear at work without spending ages getting changed out of leathers.
    I also treat the safety gear as expendable, I'm not worried if it needs replacing once it does the job. Even seatbelts in a car should be replaced after you've had even a small prang.


    (edited cos of spelling, edjamacation never dun me no good)
  7. Hey.

    I'm just starting out too. I got a Nitro 510V for $150 from mcas and I've been really happy with it so far.

    I spent ages shopping for my first helmet, mostly trying to work out the fit. I probably tried out about 50. For my head it was either spend $150 on the nitro or $500 on an arai.

    It softened up quite a bit after a few days riding, so I wouldn't worry if the lining is a bit stiff to start with. They seem to make their helmets pretty big, so you might need a size or more smaller than in other brands.

    One negative for them is that they were a bit loser on the back than the arais, ie I can pull it up pretty high at that back, but not to the point where it will come off with the chin strap done up.

    Glad i went for the nitro. I might end up going back and spending more in 12 months, but at least I'll know what features I'm keen on by then.