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Nitro Helmets changing distributor

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. So I was told by my bike shop. He had all his remaining stock on special, and he believes they will be more expensive when the new disti takes over. So if you want a budget helmet even cheaper, check your local bike shop..

    I got an exact replacement for my damaged lid; originally price $179.00, for $135..

    {yeah, yeah, I know all you brand-name snobs, I've heard it all..}
  2. Hopefully they will make a quality lid soon too...I bought one as my first helmet...it will be getting the arse very soon as it is a heap of shit....the bloody thing started falling apart afer about 6 months...first the visor retaining mounts wore out and wouldn't allow the visor to close properly, then the screw which attaches the visor mounts to the shell stripped and now the vinyl trim around the material at the base of the helmet has cracked and started to fall off.

    Maybe I got a lemon?...but somehow I don't think so...in comparison Shannons KBC VR-1 is a FAR better quality helmet and at the same sort of price too!
  3. I'd had my Nitro helmet for coming up to 2 years. I've been using it almost every day for that time, it and my draggins are all thats left my from original gear that Ive haven't needed to replace.

    Thats not saying too much though as the rest of my gear was rjays - boots, jackets and gloves all disintergrated pretty quickly.
  4. I must just have been lucky with my gear; it's all survived well, despite 25,000 kms of riding in a year. The helmet wouldn't be being replaced had it not had a close enounter with Mother Earth :oops:
  5. Well, I've had mine (the F317-VZ flip-up) for about 6 months now and so far it shows no signs of falling apart, knock on wood. I cannot fault it... so far.
  6. I got one ,it's a great helmet ,if it fits you get one.
  7. My first helmet was Nitro. Can't say anything bad about it except that the front veltilation holes were blocked with adhesive.