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Nitro helmet: AAARRGHH

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. For the second time the wire which activates the flip-front mechanism on my Nitro helmet has broken!! Last time WGE replaced the helmet as a warranty issue, but a new warranty did not start with the new helmet. Now it's out of warranty and it's done it again.

    Obviously it's Sunday so I can't do anything about it today, but I doubt I'll get any sympathy this time...

    So shopping for a new helmet, must be flip-front, and fit well.....

    {Yes, I know, buy a cheap helmet and see what you get. I agree, but when you're riding on a strict budget, you don't get a lot of choice ...:(}
  2. Actually if you check consumer records I believe warranty should start new with the new helmet i believe as its the product not the ownership time that is warranted
  3. Yeah, give consumer affairs a call, you might be surprised at what rights you still have even after the warranty has expired.
  4. Give Nitro a call first.
  5. That's a good idea, except...

    WGE used to be the Australian wholesaler of Nitro, but now isn't. I searched several of the big helmet re-sellers and none list Nitro any more: MCAS has a Nitro link but it's dead. As far as I can see they are not sold here anymore.

    As a sidelight, this morning I wore my old original Nitro full-face helmet and was delighted to find how QUIET it is compared to the flip-front Nitro.....
  6. Whoever thinks that each replacement means a new (full term) warranty is sadly mistaken. If that were the case, then you potentially could have a perpetual warranty if the product failed within the manufacturer's warranty time allotment. No, if you buy an item that has a 2 year warranty and the product is replaced at say... 18 months, you have 6 months remaining on the warranty with the replaced item.

    A word of warning regarding the "extended" warranties such as offered by harvey Norman and the likes. If you have a replacement within the warranty period (beit the manufacturer or the shop's extended warranty), then the extended warranty is deemed "used up" and voided. I used to be in the printer cartridge business and knew a number of customers who went though this scenario with Harvey Norman. Extened warranties ain't worth the paper they're written in (or the money no matter how little they cost).
  7. That wasn't my experience, but I accept what you're saying

    we bought (Flexirented) two netbooks a couple of years ago, both had problems in their second year (the year covered by the extended warranty) and both were speedily fixed without argument. Further to that, since I went on to rent a new product at the expiry of the term, I was able to keep the existing products with no financial penalty AND have been assured that THEY are covered for the further duration (2 years) of the new agreement...