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Nissin vs SBS brake pads

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by nous, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Was wondering what opinions you guys may have of Nissin brake pads vs SBS brake pads.

    I went to Charlie at Turn One the other day to change my front brake pads on the Across. He was adamant that I get Nissins, although he didn't have any for the Across at that point. Apparently they cause less damage to the discs.

    Went and specifically ordered Nissins from Peter Stevens and they sent me SBS ones instead. I'll have to wait till Tuesday for the Nissins to come in, otherwise I'd rather put the SBS ones in straight away.

    Any other feedback about nissin vs sbs?

  2. Both are good brands, depends on which compounds you buy. Nissin are trusted and supplied by many brands of bike as original equipment and are proven capable of looking after a disk. SBS are a high quality racing and street pad manufacturer, their racing pads probably eat disks for breakfast but their street pads should be ok.

    Other things affect your discs too, e.g. how much dust/dirt is on them, how hot and hard you brake. I've seen new bikes destroy disks in less than 5,000km with the 1st set of brake pads, and the same model of bike with the same OEM pads and the same disk last 20,000km with the 1st set of brake pads.
  3. SBS are a reputable brand, both will be more than adequate for the street.

    Just make sure they're not a race compound as Hotcam said.
  4. Nous, go ferrodo metal sintered pads and get that Across doing stoppies!...:LOL: :p
  5. Thanks guys! The pack's at home, but based on memory, this is the one I got, SBS Street Ceramic:


    Will have a look when I get home.

    Also did a quick read online on sintering and comparisons on the Knoop and Rockwell hardness scales etc... if I'm reading it all right, sounds like the ones I got are REALLY going to have a good go at my discs!

    robsalvv, I think I'm a long way off yet! Will those pads suddenly bestow me with magical stoppie talents? :LOL:
  6. Street ceramic will be good to the discs.
  7. REVIVE!

    Bringing this topic back to life for more opinions. SBS vs Nissin - who do I go with?
  8. (6 years later)