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Nissan S Cargo

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mattb, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. G'day all.

    My partner is getting a new car soon, for around $5k, and we've always liked these.

    I've never owned a car and know nothing about rules regarding modifications, but if we bought one of these we might need to a fit a seat in the back at some point if we have a kid, which could be accessed through the rear (my wife doesn't want to be putting a baby in through via the front door - too hard on her injured shoulder). I think I remember Dad fitting rear seats in a van when we were kids, but that was the early '80s. I also remember fume problems in the back of such vehicles when I was a kid.

    Does anybody know if it's easily within the law to bolt a different - say rear-facing - seat into the back of this thing.


  2. Sorry Matt, but it's almost certainly not. Easy that is.

    First off, fitting more seats is likely to change the ADR class of the vehicle. That's a whole world of administrative hurt in itself because it potentially changes a whole load of stuff that the vehicle needs to comply with, unrelated to the modification itself.

    Then the seat, seat anchorage and seat belt anchorages must also comply with the ADRs current at time of manufacture. It's possible to do but the cost of getting an engineer's sign off on them would be likely to come close to the initial purchase price of the van.

    The only really practical option is if the factory offered a version with a rear seat in other markets. It might then be possible to fit the bits from a vehicle so equipped holus-bolus into yours but that would almost certainly involve sourcing the gear overseas, getting it here and hoping that your own van has all the appropriate mounting points. I've got a Suzuki Carry van myself and it does have all the fittings and mounts for turning it into the minibus version which the Asian markets got. You'd still have to jump through all the compliance and engineering hoops though.

    Not really practical I'm afraid. I'd add the disclaimer that my experience relates to WA but, AFAIK, most of the other states are, if anything, less lax than we were when I was with Transport. In the years I was there I don't remember anyone successfully going through the rigmarole of putting additional seats into anything that didn't have them as a factory option somewhere in the world.
  3. That thing looks like it's built out of lego!
  4. The S Cargo is actually a corruption of the French word, "escargot" which means "snail". Not sure if you knew that so I'm putting it out there.
  5. Call the vic dept of transport, ask them what the code is for this modification, then ask for details on which engineers can approve such mods in your area.

    Go then to the engineer, disccuss the plan of putting seats in the back , They will then list what you have to do to comply or will tell you no chance.

    Follow their suggestions to the letter, keepping them informed on what is happening, take it back to them , get it mod plated, fill in the paper work and your sweet.
  6. Nice with garlic, parsley, wine and butter.

    Oops sorry was thunking about escargot
  7. And you'd be/feel safe driving that?

    What's the safety rating?
  8. Thanks guys - Pat, it sounds like too much hassle. Sigh.... My wife wants a child at some point, and boy it seems like it's gonna spoil a lot of fun... :(

    Better than a motorcycle.

    Thanks - yes, it's a double entendre.
  9. Go to a newsagent and buy the latest copy of 'the dog and lemon guide'. they do a write up on every car sold in OZ and NZ for the last 15 years or so.
  10. Someone actually called a car the S Cargo? :shock:
  11. Actually, Matt, it's NOT a double entendre. It's a pun or a play on words. A double entendre is a completely different thing. lit. from the French meaning 'double meaning.' a phrase or saying that has another connotation apart from the literal, almost always sexual in nature.
  12. Quite so. Always amusing to see motorcyclists implying that certain models of car are deathtraps :D.

    Presumably picking up on the Citroen 2CV's "Tin Snail" moniker. Note that in profile the Nissan does (I assume purposely) resemble the eponymous gastropod.
  13. I'd say it has a double meaning :)

    Who knows, might even be sexual...
  14. It looks like a snail, and is about as fast as one?
  15. But...

    The risk / reward ratio on that thing would cause a "divide by zero" error
  16. Yes, the French. Because this happened to their brains.
  17. Ah...the lack of military victories of those cheese eating surrender monkeys makes a lot of sense now.
  18. Missed the little Nissan clue as far as origin of names goes,and those cheese eating surrender monkeys have a military history any country could be proud of.But the past is the past, It's always nice to pick on the french but it is important to be accurate.Just cause their last victory was against greenpeace!
    As far as extra seats go Matt contact your local motoring group RACV? and they will have a list of companys that can fit a seat legally and those companies will advise whether it can be done,I had it done to a VP commodore wagon a few years ago making it a 7 seater.
    All done breeding now.Gotta love a vasectomy.