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Nintendo Wii

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robbied, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. #1 robbied, Nov 26, 2007
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    G'day everyone,

    With Christmas coming soon me and my other half decided we'd spoil ourselves with a Wii.

    So a heads up to anyone who is looking to buy one, we bought the basic pack (with Wii Sports included) AND the Transformers game for $380 from Kmart. I shopped around for a month and this is the best deal currently out there but you better get in quick! We wanted 2 Remotes and 2 Nunchucks and the standard pack only came with 1 set of each so we bought Brain academy (with a remote included) for $69 and Mario Party 8 (with included Nunchuk) for $69. Both these accessories on their own are $69 so we practically got both games for free.

    I thought I'd get myself a special present and because I grew up during the 90's it had to be Super Mario Galaxy. Everything I have seen and heard tells me this is possibly the best game ever. If your unconvinced click here: [media=youtube]VD0iW0_zFCU[/media].
    I can't wait until December 25th :grin: This game is to be released on Nov 29th, I pre-ordered it for $99 from EB games.

    So theres some info for anyone looking at the Wii for Christmas, I can't wait!

  2. Wow that game looks truly awesomeness.

    Made me consider getting a wii just to play that.

    But thats crazy talk, I'll just find someone with it :D
  3. I could have got a PS3 or 360 money wasn't an issue. Sure they have better graphics but the Wii is revolutionary. It has changed the way games are played and made it fun for everyone. I cant wait :)
  4. I want a Wii :tantrum:
  5. Get one because they will be sold out in a couple of weeks! They are the fastest selling console in history apparently.
  6. I presume you mean sold out from Kmart...seeing they've been out for ages and can still be found everywhere...
  7. man, i can't wait for xmas... i'm buying a Play-station 2!!! last time i shopped around i found one for 160!!! PS2 owns 'em all! :LOL:

    who needs numchuck controllers, or cartoon graphics when u can get: 128bit CPU, with 300Mhz! its got a power pack, power & open buttons, and not 1 but TWO USB!!! Finally i've been waiting so long till i can afford this, massive price drop from $750, totally awsome!
  8. They are not sold out now but give it 2 or 3 weeks and they should be very hard to find
  9. Uh...huh...

    Don't get me wrong, you may very well be right...but as I said, they've been out for ages, and are still everywhere...I don't think they're going to suddenly run out...but hey, we'll see.
  10. I think -last- Christmas they were sold out everywhere, but there's plenty around now...and yep, they're great :grin:
  11. Several of Mrs Tree's friends have them and have Wii parties. Awesome stuff when they come to our place and plug into the 55" tv, let me tell ya! :grin:
  12. hack the wii :D, you can download free games onto it, also had a few nice options. if you need some help feel free to pm me.

  13. If Kmart has sold out, don't forget the EB Games will price match any current catalogue offer