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Ninjai: The Little Ninja

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by matt232, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. Pretty cool little animated series.....

    I've only watch the first two episodes but I can tell you now there is a LANGUAGE WARNING on the second episode. But its funny as hell.

  2. These are FANTASTIC. #7 is a real tear jerker too :( Thanks Matt
  3. Thats great I just spent the last couple of hours at work watching them all....

    I loved the lil bird!!!!!
  4. Yeah, very cute :)
    Loved the head presentation scene myself, with teh smell afterwards it was really well done :) March 15 is marked in my diary for the next chapter release :)
  5. Just sign up to the notification list on the same page....all sorted!!
  6. Haha good stuff!
  7. Thanks Jason......the useless email notification list didn't send any notification. :twisted:
  8. Omigod, that's like so 2001.
  9. Omigod, that's like so 2002.

  10. My notification arrived.......10 hours late!!! Absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!

    so when does 13 come out?
  11. Really good find - thanks! hehe
  12. cool series, how long between episodes ?
  13. I'm assuming he pooped or piddled himself ?