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NinjaBabyHimbo aint a NinjaBaby any more (bad bike week!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RGVroomDaddy, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Bad week for the baby ninja zx2r last week ... Sunday 16/4 had my first bingle which involved me t-boning a lexus 4WD when I was lane splitting the stationary traffic a little too enthusiastically up the bike lane when the 4WD decided he wanted a car spot ... anyway pretty much "I'm a d%ckhead" on this one since I should have been more wary of opportunistic drivers looking to park but he actually apologised and admitted liability since I don’t think he realised I wasn’t meant to be there lol

    Anyway, damage wasn't too bad (mirror, indicator and faring on LH side where the bike went down) and I was uninjured despite going for a bit of slider due to full leathers, motorcycle boots etc.

    Anyway, replaced the mirror and indicator for grand cost of $30, put in my insurance claim form in case I copped liability and lo and behold, bike gets stolen from work car park on 21/4 :(

    So now I am possibly looking at 2 excesses as well as looking for a new bike ... oh well sh%t happens I suppose. Oh and BTW they found the bike yesterday burnt out in Coburg. I mean fair go, take it for a joy ride but did they have to torch it??

    Anyway, probably get myself an RGV250 or an Aprilia so look out for a name change soon :p Copped too much crap for NBH anyway :cool:

  2. That sucks mate, fcuk i hate thieves :evil:
  3. Re: NinjaBabyHimbo aint a NinjaBaby any more (bad bike week!

    Sorry to disapoint you but ApriliaGirl has already been taken! :p

    Dude did you run over someone's pet dog? Sorry to hear the bad news hope you get your new bike and nickname soon!
  4. Re: NinjaBabyHimbo aint a NinjaBaby any more (bad bike week!

    HAHAHHAHAHA NBH just got :eek:wned:
  5. Thats a SIN !!! Stick with the kawasaki
  6. Heard about the theft the other day, sucks about the two excesses but at least you're insured, if my bike was stolen i would get nothing :(.

    When you get your new bike let me know and we'll go for another run through the spurs.

    Good luck with the search.
  7. Stay in bed for the next 2 weeks. Bad luck comes in threes.... :shock:

    Ah well, new bike time anyway!
  8. Stick with Kawasaki. If you want a 2-Stroke look at the KR1
  9. Find the **** who stole it and burn him. :evil:

    Hope you're back on wheels soon. :)
  10. Oh mate that is the worst luck I have heard in a while...

    Good luck with the insurance... and hope all this comes to a happy ending..
  11. KR-1 are a bit long in the tooth aren't they and I don't think they stack up against the RGV spec wise although I haven't had time to do much research yet. I liked the zx2r as a first bike but am ready for a bit more power now and am pretty handy with the tools so not too worried about the maintenance etc. of 2 stroke. Am on restriction for another 10 months ...
  12. Jeez, how much bad luck is running around atm. Sorry to hear about the accident, angry as hell that some scum took your bike, and doubly so that he did it just to burn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Craaaaap! That SUX.

    No doubt you're taking it in stride...

    Good luck with the bike hunting NBH.


  14. how they steal it? you have your steering lock on?
  15. Not good being recovered burnt out, flags go up with insurers when that happens as it’s the most common method for insurance jobs.
    Had a nice car stolen from me when at work years ago, got recovered but was a total loss - burnt out, insurer assigned a private investigator to the claim, this dude put a microscope up my arse, had to provide mobile phone records, details of all my movements 24hrs prior to the theft, comprehensive interview, contact names of immediate relatives & friends, and then some, in the end I finally got a cheque for market value that wouldn’t build half the car that I once had :(

    Pricks that steal peoples cars & bikes need to be given an enema with an industrial strength gerni :evil: :evil:
  16. On forensic investigation last night it was about a case where bikers beat a bike thief to death. :eek:hno:
  17. Still can't believe they burnt it, they must be one evil bastard :!:

    At least rebirth it or chop it up for parts so it can enjoy the motorbike circle of life :LOL:
  18. Didn't have steering lock on so not sure if they trailered it or rode it. Will definitely put an immobiliser and a disc lock on the next one!