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Ninja250r 08' model

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Anthony88, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Anyone know the price of the 2008 250r ninja?

  2. i read somwhere it would be similarly priced to the old cbr's b/w 7-8k i think is what it stated.
  3. a kawasaki dealer would generally have a reasonable idea of how much they cost, considering that they sell them.


  4. agreed - call your local dealer.

    i spoke with mine, supposedly $7000 on the road although theres a backlog of orders until march.
  5. Try removing that pole from your ass before posting. :roll: :jerk:
  6. :WStupid:

    Ditto. Learn some manners kiddo.
  7. Aint legwork if someone already knows,I tried the kawasaki aus site but got no price.WTF is wrong with some of the members on this site, its like you guys fell of your bikes and got a pole permanently lodged up the rear. But Rob i'm glad i wasted atleast 30 sec of your time to write your "useful" reply and another 20 seconds reading this.
  8. i dont get it? its not legwork if someone already knows? so its easier to start a thread, wait for responses, have a whole lot of banal speculation, and in the end, not actually have a definte answer, rather than calling the dealer? i realise my earlier post was a bit OTT, but it just seems to happen so often. i guess i also found another thread you started pretty pointless https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=727301&highlight=#727301 and it all manifesed itself here.

    in the end, what i'm getting at, is that forums arent ideal for some questions, and that a dealer would have provided you with the exact info you wanted, without any speculation or misinformation.
  9. Your last post was "slightly over the top"?

    Instead of trying to be a little smartass and insult him, an easier reply would have been.."Try calling a Kawasaki dealer. They would know."

    Unfortunately, being a public forum, new people are going to join up every single day and new people are going to ask the same questions day in, day out. I wouldnt mind betting that you've asked questions on here that have been asked before. I know i have.

    Deal with it or simply dont look at the thread.
  10. Maybe those ducati stickers fell off the VTR :roll:
  11. ninja

    $7200 rideaway at aikens in moorebank, orders have been filled till march though
  12. Who made you the forum police??

    If you don't like the thread - move along, it's a forum for goodness sake :roll:
  13. the dealer i asked was 6500 plus on road costs this was in bedigo and he had four on order
  14. Irony is a biatch.
    Rob said a lot that was accurate and pertinent.
    But he said it poorly. He was overly aggressive.
    People responded to him and there responses are accurate and pertinent.
    But they are also worded poorly and are overly aggressive.

    Black! :LOL:
  15. fair enough. sorry guys. i'll tone it down.
  16. That little kwaka is going to do good things in the market, also help to bring the overpriced 20 year old crap down, just that little bit more.

    Things are looking up.
  17. I am not sure if i agree here.
    It may carry a ninja name but at teh end of the day it is still an I2 Not an I4, which is what the CB/FZ/ZX R all have as the key diference.

    If we are being honset, the diference between it and either the ZZR or GPX is primaraly cosmetic.
  18. Yes you have a goof point. I would think that most new riders will buy on emotion, rather than an informed choice. (If you know what i'm getting at)

    (^ And also a 'GOOD' point :oops: )

    It looks quite sexy.

    Are there any I4 250's on the market anymore? They're all twins anyway. And the price is competitive (ish) with a ZZR250 or VTR250

    Of course i'm making some assumptions here.
  19. When it comes to people buying on emotion I agree, but the grey imports are generaly sold for premium to the same sort of people who put up posts here along the lines of "Will my bike go faster if it has more 'R's in its name". so there emotion is moved by big numbers on the power graph, no matter how many RPM they have to go to so that they can achieve them.
    The New "Ninja" won't have to compete with the ZZR because the ZZR (And the GPX) are being dicontinued, and the new "Ninja" is replacing both.
  20. Something else I didn't know.

    (But my bike has more 'Rs' than yours :p )