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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by szed, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. after going to peter stevens the other day, ihave fallen in love with the ninja 250r, have been contemplating for a while on which bike to get, i know i am knew to bike and i will most likely drop it, but its got the looks of a bike which i like , and costs like 1.5k more than anyother half decent bikes, which i think is well worth justified...
    has anyone here recently purchased a ninja 250r??
    would like to know what they go like???
    just shi#ing my self when i first take it for a ride.

    so would like to know if many people have heard of them???

    thanking in advance
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  3. Hey. I'm sure you'll find someone to help you out when you start.

    Don't limit yourself to new bikes though, as its enough of a probability for me to say that you will drop it, I'd say 9/10 people will drop/crash in the first year, even at low speed (or completely stopped). And it hurts alot more on a new bike. Plus you'll lose alot when selling due to buying it new and selling not long after.

    Consider a used gpx250, zzr250 (same as 250ninja effectively, but not as shiny looking, etc.) Just a thought..
  4. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=48394

    yeah pretty sure people have heard of em.... myself included. Had mine for just over a month now. Nice bike. If you can get over the fact that you probably will drop it and scratch it etc then get it.... i thought it was justified aswell, plus i knew where it had been and knew it hadnt been dropped/crashed by the past 63 owners.

    btw there are lots of other 250's around if dropping it etc is a worry to you. But at the end of the day only you can make the decision as to what you want and will eventually get;)
  5. the new ninja is basically a gpx250 right?

    except different body and more expensive..

    get an older ninja...
  6. i sat on one a few weeks ago and it felt cheap like a hyosung so it's nothing special.

    I'd personally recommend a ZZR since you're after a faired bike, and they aren't that old.... or a zx2 for something a lil more boy racer like, although they're a tad old.
  7. The new Ninja is actually less powerful than the GPX250......
  8. lol... i thought it was just a gpx250 engine with different body..

    less powerful...

  9. :) hmmmm once you think you have it all sorted out the debate begins inside your head, hahahahaha thanks for your opinions kepp em coming.
    and yep love the faired bikes, dont think speed worrys me at the moment as long as it can get me out of sticky situations thats all
  10. Very easy bike to ride and great for building confidence. I found my ninja easier to ride than the bikes at the leaner school. Also noticed that the gearbox is extremely forgiving especially if you miss-press lever the gear always seems to pop in.
  11. Don't buy it! It's a piece of shit. It's has worst built quality than a Hyosung, being built in Thailand. It's less powerful than the previous generation at double the price. It's a crap version of the GPX250 with new plastics and paint. If you want an old bike with a shiny paint job go buy a resprayed CBRRRR import, it has heaps more power. The CBR's also has 2 brake disc/caliber up front compared to the new ninja's single so it would stop twice as fast. Every clueless Rossi/Stoner wannabe has one or has it on order so by the time you take delivery there would probably be six of them on your street. Don't be another sucker who wait's 2-3 months for one.

    Why buy a very expensive POS that you WILL drop, when you can get a genuine POS for $1-2k until you are off restrictions. The 250R's depreciation is also going to kill you. Considering the superior 10-20 year old CBR's are going for $5K. You will get less than that when it's time to upgrade.
  12. Um.... If you say so mein fuhrer.
  13. Opinions are like a**holes, everyones got one.. cept come are more full of S**t then others..

    The new Ninja is a good little bike..

    But for a learner, get the GPX or ZZR if you want a Kawasaki, cheaper to buy bullet proof and you wont stress as much if you drop it..

    Mines great.. im just over it being a 250.
  14. dont know where the '250r's are shit' opinions are coming from. obviously not from people who have rode the 250r. and comparing it to hyodung build quality? thats pathetic.

    it's a nice learners bike. easy to ride, easy to learn. it will hurt your feelings when you drop it though, but hey even with a 10yo gpx or zzr you'd still feel sad. the only difference is the 250r will have perfect mechanical history, whereas the older bikes have been thrashed (read: high rev'd in the 18k zone) for the past 10 years.
  15. :LOL:

    Some people took my post seriously :shock:
    I though the sarcasm (and exaggerated bullshit) was really obvious.

    I actually ride a 09 green 250r :cool:

    The more people who hate the 250R the better :wink:
  16. Arrr.....pirates be better!
  17. Sarcasm can be hard to pick on the net. I re-read your first post after reading thisone and I really can't see the sarcasm.
  18. if this is the new ninja, then it has been described in Australian Road Rider as an emphysematic old man with a frustrating gear box and woeful power delivery from an underperforming v-twin.

    It was a really harsh review. I guess he didn't like it.
  19. imho... if it was a high revving inline 4, with twin discs and 40hp-ish then every L / P plater would want one. including me..

    it is just missing the 'sports' aspect, seems more like a cruiser.
  20. If your in Melb and vic has LAMS now, why go 250 ??

    Lots of bikes on the LAMS list up to 650CC ........

    My missus insisted on a fairing bike for her first, a GSX-500F

    (god I hope she dont drop it....)