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Ninja ZX-14

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Jay77, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Ok guys, I've only had the M109r for a little while, put about 2500k's on it and adore it completley.
    But I have found myself wanting to go around the corners a little quicker than the cruiser is comfortable with and I have been looking at the ZX-14's.

    Anyone own/selling one of these, good/bad points.
    I still want something comfortable, good on the highway, and looks nice.
    Does the ZX tick these boxes?

    Any help is appreciated,
    p.s. anyone wanna buy a M109r? :)
  2. Do you need something that powerful?
    Going from a cruiser you might prefer the riding position of a naked better.
    Have you sat on the ZX14?
  3. Had one, loved it, regret selling it.

    It was to me a comfortable sports bike.
    Plenty of power, but very controllable. Handled well once set up for my weight and riding style. Pillion comfort was decent, but lack of a grab rail was mentioned on every ride.

    Of course they are great on the highway, but you may find the speeds rising all the time. It cruises well at instant loss of licence territory.

    Hope this was of some help.
  4. hey guys, first off, thanks for the link, learnt a lot.
    Second, No I dont need all that power, but neither do I need the 1800cc cruiser I got now either. I just like the bike. Im not overly interested in peak performance or what CC the engine is etc, but I want something to be proud of and to look at.
    I understand what you are saying about the riding position and no I havent sat on one yet. One of the main reasons I have been looking at the ZX14 is the looks of it (but will not be the only reason to buy one) and I have yet to see a naked bike that I can see myself on.
    I have sat on the Hyabusa which I wasnt overly impressed with at all and could not wait to get off.
    Guess i will keep on doing the research. :)
  5. Checkout the Ninja 1000 ABS. It has a more cruisy riding position, ie the handle bars sit a lot higher than most sport bikes. I hope you like green though

    EDIT: They do also offer Silver. So it is Silver or Green
  6. I luv riding the ZX14, it's one of my favorite bikes.
    Unlike the Busa it is a bit soft off the bottom power wise. With so much grunt up top it really does dawdel along when needed well. Very smooth, no snatch and will jump out of the hole at the twist of the wrist without changing down.
    It feels much lighter than the Busa once rolling. It feels more stable. the cost is it isn't as quick to dive into the apex as the Busa. Maybe a poofteenth slower in changing direction.
    But yeah, the way it happily dawdels along so well is what I love. And the knoweldge that once that tacho hits 5,000 rpm..... Seriously like Wookie hitting the hyperspace button. The world becomes a magnificent blur
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  7. Cool info guys, will check out the 1000 abs. (Love the green too :) )
    Not getting a lot of bad reviews here.
    Going to test ride one as a I get the chance, then if all being well I got find one I like, plus sell the cruiser.
  8. What model do you have? The '06-'07 had different programming of the secondary butterflies in the throttle-bodies. Basically not allowing full throttle until 8000rpm.
    They are easily removed, and makes for a much better bike once done. The '08 and later had a different throttle opening program that was slightly more aggressive to help compete with the Busa, but still benefit from their removal.