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Ninja Z1000SX

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by GR8N1K, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I've done just under 3000km and really luvin it. I commute daily and only have done a couple of day rides during the weekends. My other hobbies are getting in the way of a decent weekend ride. it's a stock sandard 2012 model.




  2. nice bike, looks schmick.
  3. Have they got quad exhausts? thats farkin kewl as!
  4. Nice work, Nick. Beautiful bike.
  5. I think the exhaust does 4-2-1-4..

    Lovely bike mate, gunna be looking to get one of these myself next year, I noticed you called it a Z1000SX, I had a look recently & found a place that sold decals from Europe, where they actually call the bike that (strangest thing that they didn't call it that here, Kawasaki call too many bikes Ninja's, in my opinion it should only be the sports bikes that get the name).

    If I get one, my intention is the replace the Ninja decals with Z1000SX ones...
  6. The exhaust system is 4-2-cat-2-4. Actually it's probably more correct to say that there are two mufflers (on each side) and the mufflers have two outlets in each.

    Hey Pilgrim, I'm sure you'll enjoy the bike. I recall one of the review's calling it a Gentleman's sportsbike. It can be a nice cruisy progressive ride below 6000rpm, but you'll need to hang on above 7000rpm. It certainly has plenty of torque; no need to shift down to overtake and it's very forgiving as well. Gearing feels low; sometimes I find myself trying to shift up when I'm already in 6th, but I'm getting more acquainted with it's sound and feel.
  7. Jeebus the exhaust had more transitions than I thought...

    I was reading about the low gearing, considering its torque you could probably get away with the front sprocket 1 tooth up or rear with a couple more, what rpm's does it pull in 6th at 100ks???
  8. This bike definitely has my eye. All the trick bits in a friendly package. Some reviews mention vibration above 6000RPM, is it that noticeable? Have you tested the ABS yet?
  9. Nice mate........ liked them ever since they came out, if I had the dinero I think a change could be in the wind......alas :(
  10. I remember you mentioning your interest previously in this bike, had a thought on the way home after the chocolate run that I should have asked if you had test rode one yet???
  11. Nope no test ride... didn't want to be tempted. Last time I walked into my local, the salesman offered me the 2011 floor model for a ridiculously stupidly low price for a brand new bike... I almost rang the bank to organise the redraw... If I had ridden it, I probably would have. lol
  12. They have started to appear new at under 15k now, some in mid 14ks region, ride-away price, I think that is due to Kawasaki doing a $1,000 cashback offer atm, so it just rips a grand outta the purchase price at the dealers.

    A few used ones are appearing, I have been waiting for that to occur, will be looking by around March next year so hopefully by then there will be a few around creeping down to between 12k-13k or hopefully lower, with a few thousand ks on the clock.

    Curious as to what price they offered it to you for :popcorn:
  13. Ok, maybe not so ridiculuously stupid - it was just a touch better than what you've quoted. That was a few months back though.
  14. That would have been a damn good price back then, not suprised you were tempted....
  15. Awesome bike mate......

    I saw one of these "in the wild" so to speak a few weeks ago and it looked lovely.....

    Perfect sport tourer.....

    Ah - one day (y)
  16. I actually don't mind the low gearing. When I back off the throttle the bike actually slows down; which gives a more confident ride in traffic. 100km/h = 4500rpm in 6th gear. I haven't been keeping a record of fuel economy; probably around 5.5 lt/100km when commuting (city, westgate bridge to the Deer Park bypass)...just a little bit thirstier than the SV650s.

    The ABS is not intrusive. No, I haven't tested the ABS yet. I did have an emergency stop in wet weather once; but because I didn't allow it to loose traction, the ABS didn't kick in anyway. Btw, the brakes are excellent on this bike. The brakes had no feel to them when new, but when broken in they do work well.
  17. I saw an ad for these in a bike mag recently and thought it was pretty much exactly what I will be looking for in 11 months time. Was worried it wasn't a serious bike, but reading here its sounding better all the time and seems to check all te right boxes.

    How do you guys think it would compare to a VFR800 for 80% commute 20% day-off fun?
    (for a 6'2" 110kg fella like myself)
  18. Finished work a bit late today, so I had a chance to pay more attention to the rpm. 4400rpm = 100km/h. Filled up the tank as well and this time it's about 5.7lt/100km. I suppose that's thirsty for a bike, but it's all relative because that's way better than my V8 4wd.

    I haven't checked the accuracy of the speedo, which will influence actual economy reading. My previous bike was a Suzuki SV650S, which was out by 8%.
  19. Great bike you've got there.
    Released 6 months after I bought the Z1000 (damn!)
    Basicly a full-fared Z1000, slightly different gearing & a larger fuel tank.
    Same frame, engine etc.
    Fuel economy on mine ranges between 4.8 & 6.2 with an average of 5.7 depending on riding conditions.
    If anything were to happen to my bike, this would definitely be its replacement.