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Ninja wont start.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Death_logic, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. I have problem with my bike.When i turn the ignition key to ready position dash light come on i press run on kill switch and press start button the engine turns over but wont start, however when i pushed my bike down the hill bike sudddenly came alive, i cannt really firgure out whats wrong with it so please help as i am total noob,and the other thing is when i did let it idle for 10 mins the battery sort of became discharged.

    I have a Kwaka Ninja ZXR250.\PLease help.
  2. IT will be great if some one can help me out with manual for my bike as i cannt really find any.
  3. One of two things could be wrong;

    You have an unpaid parking ticket, thats why it wont start.


    There is a parking ticket wedged in your ignition somewhere :p
  4. Not sure what the above means,can you be a bit more specific, how did you know the battery became discharged while the bike idled ? When you first attempted to start it was it cranking over slowly or quickly ? If the first option sounds to me like you need a new battery same thing happened to me wouldnt start on the starter but if i roll started it, no problems. New battery solved the problem.
  5. Yes funny vic boy you like rubbing it in.
  6. Attack it with some numchaca's and a sei and see if it fights back :LOL:

    Is it a ninja turtle or a warrior?
  7. Mabye try giving it a little throttle when you press the starter, i know mine has trouble starting if i don't do this.

    You really need to give everyone a little bit more information (Is this the first time it's done this?, are all lights and electrics working?, exactly what heppens when you try to start it and what is your starting procedure, etc).
  8. Hey mate i have the same bike and occasionally the same issues.

    Basically, the bike doesnt generate enough power off the alternator to sufficiantly charge the battery while running at idle. It needs to be doing something like 4000RPM to generate charge.
    Thats why your battery is discharging slightly whilst on idle.

    This leads into the other issue your having, it takes a battery that is in very good condition to start our bikes. If we had kick start they would turn over first kick because you can generate much more cranking power than the shitty little starter moter attached to your bike.

    Therefore when you try to kick it over after running around slowly for the last 5 minutes of riding, or letting it idle for a while before shutting it off, your trying to kick it over with slightly insufficiant battery power.

    The fix....
    Give it a little choke (just a real little bit) while cranking it over, make sure its in nuetral so you can use both hands. Soon as it starts to fire, give it a little throttle and drop the choke completely.
    Rev it up to 4-6 grand a couple of times and she'll be sweet as candy apples.
  9. Oh and forget the manual, these are jap bikes, if you find one it will most likely be in Japanese.

    Go get a service and ask the mechanic the questions you need to know. They will happily tell you what you need to know if your are parting with cash at the same time.
  10. When i am trying to start it the engine it crank over quickly but doesnt fire up, I tried using choke too but it didnt help, it looked like there wa no spark (its just my random guess)when i pushed it and dropped the clutch engine fired up.When i let it idle for 10 mins then turn off the engine and try to start it again engine will be cranking over but wont start even if i give it a bit of throttle or even choke.Today i discovered another thing that when i tried and push started it it was running but wouldnt idle as revs were gradually dropping until it would stall.
  11. hahahaha
    good stuff vic :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Well i bought the battery but the problem is to get the old battery out.I managed to remove the braket on top of the battery but the braket is also connected to the petrol tank which sits just a bit above the battery the problemi have encounted is how to remove the petrol tank with out damaging petrol lines since i have no idea whats under it.I really need someone with experience to help me out or atleast tell me if anyone knows a good bike mechanic in Sydney.
  13. Really helpful to the noob Vic... :?

    The bike may not be idling because as someone else has said, the spark is too weak at these revs (due to the battery condition perhaps). Fix: Don't let it idle, as it obviously won't be charging the old battery.

    If the new battery doesn't fix things, take it to a mechanic and get them to test the regulator/rectifier, your problem may be due to a faulty unit (mechanic/sparky can test this in just a few minutes).

    Most bikes will get rather hot if left idling for 10 minutes (no airflow around radiators), not good to let it sit running for this long in hot weather.

    On most bikes, you can unbolt the tank and and place it on something nearby (or get a mate to hold it!) without detatching any fuel lines.

    Here's a link to the zxr400 manual (same as 250 virtually):
  14. Thanx a lot cammo really appreciate your help.
  15. Got it fixed looks like the battery went flat, and once i changed it 2day it all went to normal.Thanks for help.

    P.S. Thanx for your help Vic as a token of my appreciation im sending you a bottle of wax so you can make your head even shinier....:]