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Ninja what?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Marx, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Dudes calling their Kawasaki whatever: Ninjas.

    I mean, come on. If you own a bike call it what it is. Every bike has a model designation, it's best to use it so we're all on the same page.

    (And don't get me started on those Suzuki X913....)
    [Rant over.]

    Off looking for a puppy to kick...
  2. i have a Z750 Ninja :grin:
  3. well, they actually ARE Ninja's. Many of the years actually have the word 'Ninja' on the fairings somewhere, as does the Kawasaki website (especially for the 250cc one). and as to people calling them that, well i mainly do it coz
    a) non riders recognize it more than GPX
    b) its easier to say "ninja" than "GPX" (try it)
    c) it sounds cooler :cool: :p

    same thing could be said for many bikes (virago, vulcan and most triumphs and ducatis come to mind). and for those that dont have a 'name', one is made up e.g. "Gixxer".
  4. Is this a ninja angry at the abuse of the sacred name; or a pirate annoyed that ninjas are so popular??

    Is the sports vs cruiser thing really a ninja vs pirate thing?
  5. I ride a NINJA ZX6R Happy!!!! Is model enough or perhaps vin and engine number as well.Just wanna make sure your happy and have all information...........
  6. The NINJA name only caters to ZX6R, ZX9R, ZX10R and the current model 250R.

    Sorry Lobsta, but the GPX250 was never known as a NINJA and therefor should not be referred to as one. Same as the common mistake of the Honda CRX which stopped production and was replaced with the Del-Sol, which everyone still calls a CRX.
  7. My bike has a Ninja engine, can I please have your permission to use the word Ninja? :roll:
    The EX 250 (GPX) was known as a Ninja 250R in the US market.
    Pwned much?

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Do you REALLY give a f*ck?

    Mine's a Minja, anyway.

  9. gxULn9i.



    .....waiting................. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. suzuki gsxr1000 samurai
    yamaha yzf1000 kamakaze
    honda cbr1000 sharp cutting instrument
    hyosung 650gtr jackie chan....
  11. Plus they call the ER-6 a "Ninja 650" and the GPZ 500 is called a Ninja 500 over there, just to drive home the point. :)
  12. umm ... NO!

    The GPX/GPZ and ER models have and never will be a NINJA!
    People may call them NINJA's, but Kawasaki have never released them as NINJA's. Besides, who listens to American's anyway?
  13. 2006-kawasaki-ninja-650r.
  14. [​IMG]
    ^1989 Model GPX250R
    ^1989 Model GPX250R
    ^Front page of the GPX250R's service manual (1988-2005 version)
    ^2003 model GPX250R
    ^2001 model GPX250R

    Do you see what I see?

    ZX14R Special edition
    ZX6R Special edition

    *Note, all those are from the Australian Kawasaki Site*

    Beginning to see a trend here?

    Some of the mid 90's models were not called Ninja's on release (well, it wasn't on the fairings at least), such as my 1998 model. But the 1989 models, as shown, were, the 2000's models, as shown, were, all the current models that people call Ninja's, as shown, are. The SERVICE MANUAL to every GPX250 from 1988-2005 (and that would hold for up to 2007 if i could find a newer pic). So I am wondering where exactly they AREN'T called Ninja's? And regardless of whether they (referring to the mid 1990's models here) were released with 'Ninja' stickered to the fairing, the fact remains that the GPX250 and all the ZX[whatever]R's are Ninja's.

    Your thoughts?

  15. Stated before ER-6's are ninja650r's in states, so i got a Ninja sticker in Japanese writing made for my front fender. Looks wicked, if anyone asks what it says i usually tell them "i fu*kd your mamma" lol.

    Who cares really, i dont see nothing wrong with the whole ninja thing, as long as people dont make their bike sound like a ZX? ninja if it ain't.
  16. ZZ-R250 Ninja!

    I prefer my CX500 Pirate though. :p
  17. Seriously if this really bothers you, you need to get out more.
  18. what a dumb a$$ thread... :grin:
  19. That's to everyone who replied re-enforcing my point.

    Except maybe that last one....

    I think we've all learned something here.