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Ninja H2R vs Bugatti Veyron

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by cjvfr, May 22, 2015.

  1. McLaren and Bugatti produce two of the most powerful supercars on the planet. So imagine their embarrassment when Kawasaki’s Ninja H2R wipes the floor with them in a drag race.

    Gizmodo 22 MAY

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  2. Damn that Godzilla is a quick motherf****er
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  3. In a straight line bikes often beat the cars, and the bikes start to fall behind on a track.

    but I'm curious, I wonder how a bike would do against a big fat bloated bugatti around a track.
  4. 0-1000yards?

    0-1000m, MP4 = 19.4 s @ 272 kph, Bugatti = 18.0 s @ 295 kph (maybe that was 1000yards, as they were a bit slower)
    Kwaka = 307- 326km/hr
    would be pretty close to top of the SM1000!

    then again.. there are Mazda RX3's quicker than the H2R... but neither are road legal :D (H2R better around corners than RX3 :D )
  5. Luv it..
  6. I think there have been enough videos made and posted that show that a bike might will out-accelerate a car, but with four vastly bigger contact patches on the road the car can more than make it up in the corners....
  7. I felt that fizz in my loins.....
  8. According to the blurb, 1/2 mile (804.67200 metres according to Google) with 50mph roll start. Might account for some of the variations.
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  9. The bike beating the cars wasn't really that suprising.

    The Skyline beating the bike though, that's a quick car...
  10. Just to be a pedantic dick, GTR, not Skyline. Left the Skyline family years ago.
  11. Meh, I'm not up on the jap stuff. I like my cars old and aussie.

    Still, it's a quick car.
  12. I'm learning to appreciate broader ranges of cars as the years go on (I'm 26 so PRETTY old!). Love the GTR. Love old aussie cars too though, first car was a '72 Fairlane, still regret selling it. Current is a much newer '01 XR8
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  13. 26? Jesus you old bastard, I'm 34 lol.

    I'd have an old Fairlane, I've only owned one Ford. And the less said about it the better.

    I Currently have an LJ Torana 2 door, a HQ coupe and an LH Torana SL/R. And an 03 v8 Statesman that I keep getting in shit for the fuel usage off the mrs.
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