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Ninja 650RL

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MrRyannnnnnnn, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    Am interested in purchasing the ninja 650RL. Tossing up between that and GSX650FU.. There is not much on the net about the 650RL.. Does anyone have one or know of anyone that does?? I want to know how these machines go.. I want to keep the bike for 3 years + so i dont want anything that's going to COMPLETELY bore me.. that's why I am leaning away from the 250r.

    Is it that much quicker (got more power) than the 250 version?

    I'm 6 foot.. too big for this bike maybe? Can the seat height be adjusted?

    I heard that it is hugely underpowered, making it have the same (if not very similar) acceleration to it's 250r brother, is this correct?

    If anyone would be kind enough to complete a review of this bike i would be much appreciative.
  2. Salesman told me that it is limited by a screw that restricts throttle movement, which if true means you're probably limited to the first 4,000 rpm or so. Looks sexy as hell though so even if you are bored with it you can probably still pick up with it on Chapel St.

    How long till you come off your restrictions? I bought the GS500 as a bike I hoped to keep for the longer term, and sold it as soon as I came off restrictions... and I'm not a hoony get the knee down type either. If I had my time again, I'd look at the bigger LAMS bikes and see which ones held their value the best, and buy one of those second hand with a view to selling it and *then* getting the bike I'd love.

    If you're in VIC then I'd say go chat to Sharptune Kawasaki in Dandenong. They're still salesmen, don't get me wrong, but it's a little store and they've got more time for you than some of the bigger dealers.
  3. Apparently Kawa Race Replica in Brooklyn (VIC) get a great rap too!

    My BIL has a 650RL and loves it. It is just a screw to restrict throttle movement - feel weird only being able to turn half way, but still quite torquey til you hit 5k revs and she doesn't go any higher.

    We raced from stopped, him on the 650RL and me on my 02 ZZR250 - he was pulling away from me in first (got about 3/4 of a bike length between his front and my front), but as soon as I hit my power band and stayed there the distance between us didn't change a mm. Basically... it's bottom end is equivalent to the old 250's top end.

    Once you take the screw out (I think you the ECU also has some minor restrictions in place too), it's a different animal!!

    He's just shy of 6', and I don't think you'll have an issue with height - although I'm sure you could adjust the suspension a tad to raise it if need be (*assumed*).
  4. I researched this bike and read, that it can be a bit squishy if you are over 170cm.
  5. Havent ridden any of them... but just posting a short story of a mate of mine...

    He laid down $11k on a Ducati 620 Monster. One of the more powerful LAMS bukes you can get (NSW).
    He did his Ls, Ps, then sold the bike (after putting a pair of yoshis on it, which sounded great btw) after getting his full licence for $10800... so the whole episode cost him about a grand after 18 months-ish, taking into account the yoshis (not incl running costs).
    He bitched about the bike being underpowered after 18 months-ish, so i expect whatever you get you can probably expect to upgrade when you get off restrictions.

    For reasons like that, ive stuck with a cheap 250, get me past the LAMS stage, then get a 'real' bike. Not exactly the same with you, being a limited bike... but hopefully you get my meaning ;).
    Of course, i intend to push straight to a litre bike (tourer, not sports), so i cant really get one of them with LAMS either.
  6. For starters, what do you prefer, a twin or a inline 4 cyclinder?
    wins have good low down power, 4's are more comfortable higher up the power curve.

    Weight, the 650RL is close to 40kg lighter than the GSX. Although the GSX has 3.5 litres more in fuel capacity. I average 230-250KM before hitting the first 'reserve', which is about 5.5 L and the second reserve warning cuts in at 1.5L. I've pushed 100km out of reserve a few times.

    The restrictions on the GSX650FU are ECU bound, so you get full throttle action but the power cuts out around 7K RPM. It'll creep along in first with little or no clutch and has a very smooth gear box. Sounds great with an aftermarket slip on.

    A slightly forward riding position doesn't put that much pressure on the wrists, although the seat can become uncomfortable on a long-ish ride. Nothing a sheepskin cover or airhawk can't fix.

    Display is dead easy to read in full daylight or night time. LED speedo and gear position indicator, clock, odo, trip 1, trip 2 and reserve trip meter are selectable. Tacho is analog with big easy to read numbers. There is a shift light, but I barely use it.

    If you haven't had the chance, go sit on both of them and if possible, test ride them both. Being 186cm tall, I don't find the weight of the GSX to be of much concern, even at low speed. Pretty much trouble free, 18 months and 38 000 KM on the clock.
  7. My friend bought one.

    I rode it, and i own a GPX (a gpx is more powerful than a 250r).

    It kicks the sh1t through my bike. A bit more power and rides with much lower revs than a 250. The throttle is restricted to probably 1/2 of what a 650R has. Very small turn of the throttle and your already 'maxed out'. Im 175cm and its fine. My mate is probably 180cm and he rides it comfortably. Its got a VERY upright position. Even more upright than my gpx. The handlebars are much straighter, compared to the gpx's "triangle shaped" handlebars. The clutch is very different than my gpx as its a very very short clutch. When i rode his bike i stalled like 3 times because once u pull the clutch out 2 cms its already fully disengaged. Compared to my gpx that requires you to take your hand almost fully of the lever to disengage. The tank feels a little weird. My legs didnt fit snugly on the sides of the tank like it does on my gpx.

    It still doesnt compare anywhere close to a real 600, but i think once its derestricted it should last you a few years. Remember, a De-Restricted 650rl will have about 70hp. A real 600 has over 110. He was told to derestrict it you remove a screw that is limiting the throttle, and there is also some other modification you have to make.

    I recommend you do what i am doing. I've had my 250 for a year. Grab a cheapie 250, keep it for a year, sell it, then depending on your age and insurance costs; either grab a cheap 600 for around 5-7k, or go buy a brand spanking new bike.
  8. Raps for Race Replica in Altona as well - Bought the last model of the ZZR250 and then sold it back to them after getting off restrictions - nice guys.
  9. Iv'e ridden the GSX650FU, few complaints about it.
    Very boreing - the inline 4 was to smooth for me, I LIKE a bike that vibrates a little and has a a good exaust note, lets you know what the bike is doing without looking at the clocks. After 75k's I could hardly hear the engine/exaust over the wind noise... I think the hole behind the fairing actualy blasted me with air it sucked up from under the bike. She's very weighty as well, something like 240-260KG. Got sore wrists from the bars as well. Never had problems with the power, but I never went over 4Krpm... and she is easy to control despite the weight... just don't lose control or you are well and truely f@cked I would recon...

    I was going to look at the 650RL, but untill they give the ABS an of switch, or make it an "option" I'm looking somewhere else... still wouldn't mind a ride on one otherwise.

    Plans ATM, stick with the 250 till I get the SR500 running, then grab iether an xs650/750, or XV750 to go along with the SR. Yes I know I'm weird.
  10. honestly, don't bother with a restricted gsx, chrome on these forums has one, and while our riding styles were different and he is a bigger lad, he said it just didnt move - going up a mountain it would barely crawl to above 4k rpm then stay there.

    I don't really understand when people talk about getting bored with 250's. I just got my full licence and I purchased my second 250 a week later. sure, you can't take sweepers at 200 but it takes decent nut size to do that on public roads. You can't accelerate as fast as bigger bikes either, but if your definition of excitement is straight line acceleration then you can go and enjoy your bike over there --------->
    while I hit the twisties and enjoy my bike. I love wringing it through each gear and just touching the limiter before changing gear, trying to get every iota of life out of it. It's not to shabby through corners, which some people can testify to.
  11. Hmm, I never had that problem. Regularly sit on 5.5 to 6 K RPM without an issue. Not that I would try that on my new bike.
  12. Is it restricted? Note that I did say going up a mountain. And I'm not exaggerating the mountain part.
  13. It was the LAMS version. By mountain, are you talking a Maquarie Pass type of mountain? or steeper? I've been up and down the Pass, around KV, up and down Mt Brown and the Clyde. I wasn't pushing it past the posted limit but it still felt like it had a bit more to give if required.
  14. Hey guys ive got a 2010 650RL and just received a letter in the mail for a recall. Something about your boots interfering with the operation with the rear brake? Its nothing major, Kawasaki are paying dealers $18 in labour time to complete the recall, so id say its nothing huge. Just thought id let everyone know incase they are second owners etc.

  15. bit steeper. Barrengarry in KV.
  16. Hi There,

    I am wondering if anyone has successfully completed the mechanical works of de-restricted a Ninja 650RL ? If so can you please provide details of mods and cost?

    My shortlist is the Ninja 650RL or the Yamaha FZ6R ..... and I have read the thread below with great interest ..... having the option of converting the FZ6R for only $165 is appealing ... especially given that the mod can be removed simply in the future !!!

  17. ummm, my throttle body restrictor "fell out" one day when i was on a really rough ride, and my 650rl now has a whole lot more throttle butterfly travel.......
  18. Hey guys
    There is a little screw with a gold washer look alike down were the return spring is on the throttle body unscrew that and also under your seat there is a jumper cable black and yellow unplug that...and there you have it your bike is now derestricted .. Any questions post a reply back ..... Took me ages to figure it out then when I found out took me 5 mins to do it
  19. Restricter - 25kw
    Derestricted- 53+kw read post above to find out how to do it
  20. Yeah I hate it when that sort of stuff happens