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Ninja 650r - do any short riders have this bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Michelle33, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone - I am interested to hear from any short (I mean in the 5' area) riders who have a ninja 650.
    Particularly anyone who has lowered either the suspension, or shaved the seat.

  2. Yep I looked at the Ninj 650 when I bought Wasabi. I am a short arse or height challenged to be more polite I guess, but the Ninja lends itself to lowering quite well. I had mine lowered, a riser on the bars and the suspension adjusted as well. :D
    The only thing that shits me to tears is that the lowering meant the kickstand also had to be adjusted as well and Wasabi is a right biatch to park on any slight slope without a bit forethought.
    If you don't park properly you will come back to find your bike having a little nanna nap on its right side or worse still, you can be parking and overbalance and end up dropping said bike. The likelihood of the last scene is always proportional to the number of onlookers likely to witness the event:(
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  3. CrazyCam I know in my case petite would be quite a stretch of the imagination...but I appreciate the sentiment;)
  4. Look it depends on how long your legs are as well, not just overall height. You may have longer legs than a 5'3" person, so best thing is to get along to a bike shop and go sit on it and if it feels ok, then test ride.

    From memory the 650R (2012 model) is 790mm seat height, compared to the Ninja 300 at 785mm so not a huge difference there. But I seem to think the newer model 650R may be 800 or even 810mm.

    FWIW my other half is looking at the same bike come August when she comes off LAMS, mainly due to seat height issues with most other bikes she likes the look of!
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  5. Shift your bum off the seat when coming to a stop so that the back of your thigh's on the seat. The support leg will reach the ground comfortably. Lean the bike and adjust so you can reach the brake pedal or shift, depending on which side your support leg is on. It's pretty much the same move you do when you lean your bike over to do a doughnut.
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  6. Hmm, doughnuts - don't do many of them lol. There is a lowering link/adjustable side stand kit that can be bought for the 650. That, plus a seat shave may be enough. It would only be the weight (ie lifting off side stand) that could be a problem I think. 211kg compared to my little VTR at 162kg. I'll just have to go sit on one at the shop and move about. Thanks everyone :)
  7. If you lower the front forks you will need to adjust the suspension as well...otherwise quite unstable esp in corners....
  8. Yes, lowering involves a 'link' which lowers the rear susp spring, you then lower the forks to match.
    My family's two zx-14s have both been lowered in this way, and it has been successful with no lessening in handling.
  9. Hell in that case why not just go for 3 of them!?
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  10. Lol, have you seen the speed of those things ! (I am only just coming off "P" licence, don't think I am ready for a 14) - also, I cannot reach the ground - even lowered. One of the reasons I need something with a little bit more speed out of corners .... riding with big bikes. Last couple of rides I had the VTR 'pinned' a few times, so think I am finally riding it to it's limit. It's a great little bike though.
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  11. One person's "unstable in corners" is another person's "really quick turning". :)
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  12. Hey just check that weight. Ninja 650 specs are really confusing. The 650R non-LAMS is on bikesales at dry weight 178kg only, and 790mm seat height. The 650L and 650RL are both 211kg and higher seats. The 650 with no letter is different again, but the R is the choice pick. So worth looking at the right one, particularly as the power is way up on LAMS as well...
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  13. Gee with friends like you...
  14. Who me?

    It wasn't a joke, or a dig at you, Oldmaid, it's a very common thing for folk to slide the forks up through the triple clamps, lowering the front end of the bike, quite deliberately, to make the bike turn in quicker.

    When someone else then rides the bike, they report it as unstable, and "it wants to drop into corners all the time".

    <shrug> Don't blame me for the way it is.
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  15. Thanks Chillibutton. That height figure is straight from Kawasaki's web page for the 650r non lams.
    It gives the same specs for the 2015 lams model. The weights are 'curb mass' which I presume is 'wet' weight with oil/fuel ? Both with ABS. Bikesales have a 2013 650 listed as LAMS model, showing 53kw. The Lams model is 39kw. And that is being sold by a Dealer. Someone may get caught with a non lams when they need a lams :p It also shows weight as 211, and seat height 805. I wonder if there is any way to tell a lams model from a non-lams model ? I will probably be looking a new anyway as there are not any for sale in Tasmania. I wonder what colours the 2015 models will be ? Really like the white which is not available in the 2014 models.
  16. Yeah it's confusing as! Best option is still to try the ass test and go sit on a bunch of bikes to see what actually fits your proportions.
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