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Ninja 650L, FZ6R or GSX650F?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by TeeKey, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    It's been a while. Sold my GS500 some time ago due to some personal issues and now it's time to get back in the saddle.

    Unfortunately still on my L's so gotta stick to LAMS bikes.

    I've been thinking between Ninja 650L , Fz6R and GSX650F '13.

    I'm 6'0 tall and around 80kg. Looking for something reliable and bigger than the GS500 that would be good for both, short commuting as well as longer tours.

    Any thoughts which bike would be better?

  2. FZ6R gets my vote, great allrounder.
  3. Go ride them, consider thereafter! Maybe ride a few others as well?
  4. The size, weight and general riding experience of the GSX650F will be similar to the GS500.
    The Ninja is funner than either bike, from what I hear.

    Can't comment on the Fz6R.

    Don't discount the Gladius, or even V-Strom for that matter. Same engine in both, available as a LAMS bike.
  5. Ride them all. Buy the one you like.
    Add Benelli BN600 LAMS versions to your list.
  6. Owned and rode a Ninja650RL. Rode it around Tassie as well as on an annual Snowys ride. Great bike. torque, pick up,acceleration, riding position. Of course it would be great if you could test ride them all.
  7. As noted above, test them and you'll know which one you want/need.
    The GSX650F is a beauty, it's heavy when you're stopped but very pleasing to ride with a smooth big bike feel.
  8. FWIW....I'm 6 foot, and 80kgs and find the ninja 300 a good fit. Hence all of these will be fine size-wise.
  9. Cheers guys!
    I will definitely test ride the mentioned bikes. I was only wondering if anyone had any experience on them.

    pwbikepwbike how was the front suspension on your GSX? The most annoying thing about the GS500 was the super soft front fork, felt very unsafe. I would hope the GSX would be much improved in that department?
  10. I thought it was good, not like a super sports, but a good balance for our less than perfect roads. It always gave me confidence and did not get upset by road irregularities. I think it was well damped and sprung for its role as a sports tourer. I'm over 6' tall and around 100kg.
    I'd get on it, ride all sorts of roads to NSW, have lunch, then ride home to Melbourne, never felt the bike was letting me down or making me nervous about its handling. At home on the spurs as it was on the highway.

    From that I went to a KTM 990 SMT, it has better suspension for our real road conditions, but it's not night and day by any means.
    I felt that the GSX650F was a competent bike and an enjoyable one to ride.
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  11. All bikes you listed would be reliable and good choices, ride them and see which one you prefer. From what I understand the Ninja 650 is a bit cramped for those with longer legs.

    Annnnd then swiftly remove it from your list as you'll struggle even giving it away once you want to upgrade.
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  12. Hi guys,
    Thanks for all your advice. After test riding the bikes mentioned above and more, I decided to go for the Yamaha MT-07. It was love at the first sight (or ride I should say). Nimble, torquey and able at the highway speed just couldn't get that bike out of my head. So decided to go for it.
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