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Ninja 650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by TunaBrine, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. So after finally saving up a few penny's to get myself a new bike, doing all the research on what is good or not I took a unrestricted 2011 Ninja 650r for a ride today.

    Not to bad, but I didn't get off it thinking oh wow I need to buy this bike now. I'm sure it would be more than capable of doing the job I want a bike for but I dunno. It certainly doesn't help the fact that going for a lap around the block on a unfamiliar bike is the only test you get.

    I'm currently riding an SV650 so I probably tried to ride it the same way, that is short shifting using all the v-twin torque to get around instead of letting the parallel twin rev a little bit more. The gearbox was definitely a lot more chunky feeling then the SV's. The fairing seemed to do a good job, again only briefly got up to 80kph but felt a lot nicer to ride at speed then the SV. Felt heavier but still ok.
    Definitely looks good though I reckon, except for the handlebars it certainly looks the part and is what I'm after. The sound wasn't as bad I thought either. No V-twin or I4 though that's for sure.

    A bit annoyed, I was certain this was the bike for me but now I'm not sure. Maybe my expectations are too high and I need to remember what I need/want the bike for and how much I am willing to spend. It doesn't have to be my dream bike, that can come later. But I still want to feel like I'm getting a better bike for my money.
  2. Imho - It sounds like you may have possibly built it up too much in your mind before testing. Having said that though, First Impressions Count.
    After seeing my brother get the YZF-R125 I was sold on it, but when I first got on I felt very uncomfortable and was considering not getting it. I bought it anyway and I'm getting more used to it every time I ride it.
    Unless there's an immediate need for it; it may be worth taking some time and looking at your other options before you commit.
  3. its not really a step up from a sv650. a street triple or the yammie mt 09 might be a better bet.
  4. Yeah I definitely had the bike built up a fair bit. Internet reviews are too blame for most of that.

    After thinking about last night I'm still considering it as there is really not a lot of options for that style, size and price of bike.
    A street triple would be fantastic but it will be used mainly for my highway commute every day so it has to have a full fairing and I would probably average around 18,000km a year so it would be a bit of a waste for that bike. Hence the reason I'm looking at the "cheaper" options.

    Might try to find a 2012 model and see if it is much different?
  5. It won't be. They have run essentially the same engine for a fair while.

    If you are looking for faired sport tourer then maybe the VFR800 is a better option. It has a lot more power although it is heavier.
  6. The Ninja 650 is a very clever marketing exercise. An honest engine in an OK chassis, dressed up to look better than just OK.
    Don't blame yourself for expecting more. You just bought into the hype...
  7. VFR800 is getting to be a bit heavy for my liking.
    The only other bike I can think of that are available reasonably new 2nd hand is the GSX650F. Again a bit heavy.

    Like I said, I'm sure I would be more than happy with it, thats why I'm still considering it.
    Just don't want to be thinking about another bike in 12 months.
  8. You need to figure out your requirements, and ask questions based on the requirements, or give your opinions based on those requirements. Unfortunately, as it is, this thread is just a blurt of underwhelmed disappointment, interlaced with poor grammar (penny's should be pennies, to and too mixed up, lack of understanding of how to use the singular and plural, etc).

    It isn't the bike's fault that you short shifted it (even a ZX10 would be a bit underwhelming if you short shift it all the time). You can't get a feel for a bike by giving it a quick ride around the block (it requires some decent time riding it), so to be honest, you have no idea what the bike's real capabilities are. Don't get me wrong: it may actually be an underwhelming bike (I've never ridden one, so I don't know), but to make a call from such a limited test ride isn't being fair to the bike.
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  9. Sorry about the poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Typing on a phone is fraught with risk at times. My excuse anyway.
    I will try and clear this thread up.

    I'm in the market for a fully faired medium capacity bike. It will solely be used for a daily 100km of highway commuting. Budget is around 7k and I don't want anything more then a few year's old. Also a bike that is not too heavy would be a plus.

    I like the looks of supersports but I know I don't need one. Need something cheap to run and insure.
    So my problem is yes going for a ride around the block is not enough of a test but it is all that's available at most places. By the time you start to get a feel for the bike your ride is over.
    Secondly, not really a lot of choices when it comes to this category of bike. Naked bikes are the rage atm.

    So if any one has had a bit of experience on the ninja or any other suggestions that would be great. Thanks.
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  11. Yeah full naked jazzfan.
    Looked at kits but a bit of a mission to do proberly apparently, if it was a S that would be a different story. Plus my SV is starting to show its age etc. Don't want to drop a lot of coin on fixing a few things.

    Not really keen personally on the bikini fairing bikes. I wish we got the full power and full fairing models of bikes similar to the US. We just seem to get a lot of LAM's machine's.

    On a side note, the dealer rang before and knocked another $500 off the price and the chance to take it for a decent ride. Sweet.
  12. I’m a fan of the supersport look too, but wanted something that is comfortable to ride, so I guess we were looking for similar bikes… something newish, enough grunt to keep me entertained (4 cylinders gave bonus points), and fully faired.

    Unfortunately bikes in the area seem to be mostly unfaired, or if they are faired they are heavy. Some of the options I was considering were;

    CBR650F – More cylinders and grunt than the 650R, nice looking bike, however they’re a new model so your budget might have to stretch towards 10k.

    FZ6/8S – FZ8 is the choice for grunt. Upright/comfortable riding position, they are only half faired… look ok I guess. Should be able to get a 6 or an 8 in your price range.

    Some of the nakeds look ok with windscreens (z800 etc)

    Upon reflection I won’t be doing a great deal of commuting on it so I’ve talked myself into a supersport 600. :D
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  13. BMW F 800 ST?
  14. @TunaBrine I think what danny_tb said is quite right, what he said rings true for most things and doubly so for bikes.
    Remember things change, a bike that suits your needs today might not suit in a week, a month or a years time.
    There is nothing wrong with buying it, riding for a few months and then trading for a different one if you don't like or don't feel it.
    Sure you may lose out on some money (not always if you can manage to find it at a bargain) but you will gain more in experience and learn more about yourself.
    Now don't get me wrong; I'm not saying jump straight on it, I''m just saying something else to consider. Experience is invaluable.
  15. Some good suggestions, thanks.
    Your right, no reason to keep a bike if your not happy with it. Not sure if the missus would be so understanding.
    Maybe I should just get 2 bikes. One for work and one for play.
  16. If your Mrs won't like you trading in a bike that isn't quite right within a few months of buying it, then you'll have stuff-all chance of getting her approval for a second bike. :(

    You have the same problem that I had when my first VFR had an argument with a guard rail... Except you don't seem to be willing to compromise by getting a heavier bike (I can't blame you - the VFR is heavier than it needs to be). It looks like you'll be after a GSX650F or a Ninja 650. There's also the Yammi FZ6R, but that's a LAMS bike, so it's a backward step.

    On the other hand, you could get a 600cc sportbike and put on after-market riser clip-ons, but you might need to get custom length brake/clutch lines/cables to allow the extra bar height.
  17. If I get two the same colour, leave one at a mate's house I may be good. [emoji6]

    I keep thinking about the idea of a supersport. I would take one for a test ride and my mind would be made up I reckon. Practicality be damned
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  18. I had an SV, great bike! The next step up was a Triumph Daytona and I absolutely recommend that or a street triple. I tried everything, vfr (too heavy for the power, good for comfortable riding but that's not me), fireblade (too much power), mt09 (too upright on off throttle), cbr 600f4i (great bike but a bit underpowered for mine) and a stack others. 675 triple is just right!!
  19. GSXR750 is also a great bike
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