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ninja 650 to ninja 1000

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ryker1, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Hi all just wondering if anyone has upgraded from the 650 to the 1k, and how they found it,I am not talking about the zx10. Talking about sport ninja's not super sport.

    Is the power/torque difference that extreme?

    Only been riding acouple of years and thinking of updating.


  2. thought seriously about it when I upgraded but went for a street triple. the z1000 is a good bike and if I wasn't in Vic probably would have got one.
  3. yes, Ryker1, thats precisely what I've done. Had a 650R for a year and then moved up to the 2011 ninja 1000 abs. Beautiful bike, smooth, plenty of grunt. Did a 1100km weekend ride the week I got it, over Clyde mountain and thru Kangaroo valley. Awesome. You've got to watch the twist of the wrist tho' :)) Verrrrry easy to lose your licence.
    Am in the process of modding it. Once its done I'll post some pics. Mine is second hand, a year old , so it had been broken in. The funny thing with this bike is that even tho' it weighs 231kgs (30kg more than the 650) it feels lighter to manipulate when parking. The fatter back tyre gives it so much more stability.
  4. you didn't find that the extra power was too much of a handfull? not that I am heavy on the wrist but a few friends have said that a 1k bike is a handfull..Althought they are talking super sport.
  5. Yes, the power is there and you can get way beyond the legal speed limit in the blink of an eye, but it can also happily putter around town in top gear doing 60. The beautiful thing about the 1000, as it was on my 650 is the torque spread. Both bikes can really go when given the twist in any gear. Makes it very rideable. The inline 4 is so smooth, whereas the parallel twin of the 650 really smoothed out when the revs went up to around 6ks. I recently did a 10 day ride around Tassie on the 650 :)) which gave me a lot of confidence around the twisty bits. When I got back I got to test ride a 1000. I was sold from the moment I took it out. Now I'll just have to Tassie all over again. Sigh! :)))
  6. Coming from someone who probably hasn't had the most amount of riding experience ever ( almost 5 years ),
    I went from a '94 zxr 250c ( ~45hp ) to a '96 cbr900rr ( ~120 hp ) which doesn't really count as i had it for less than 6 months before some lady decided to run it over
    to now riding an '06 gsxr 1000 ( ~170 hp )
    I can say that if you are smooth on the gas, it's fine. My only 'issue' if you could even call it that, is old tyres taking forever to warm up in the wet.
    So i've got some new tyres on the way.
    There may be a lot more power there, but you certainly don't have to use it all.
    Anyone who says that it's too much power and 1000's are a handful, probably haven't learned to respect their throttle and be smooth.