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Featured Ninja 650 Sports bars from BikerzBits (Kinda review)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Muppet, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. So i have a 2015 Ninja 650 and was wanting to replace the stock bars but was limited as most ninja riders would know.

    The only real option was the ninja650shop sports bars but was just not happy with the finish. (very plain and dull)
    I did manage to find some sports bars made by bikerzbits.com out of Taiwan

    Well they arrived today and iv just finished road testing.
    Pros over the 650shop bars are - They are adjustable (forwards/backwards, Up & Down)
    - Way better finish in my opinion
    - Cheaper. About $360 AUD shipped with Air mail (order placed on 29th, Arrived on 9th)
    Cons - Deff wider than stock and maybe a little wider than 650shop (but not confirmed)

    They deff put you in more of a "super sports" position (this coming from a guy who has never ridden a super sports lol)
    Easy to install, Took me about 1 hr (including smoke o and tinny breaks)
    Bike seems to respond better in the bends but this is prob due to new riding position

    Had a small issue with stock bars vibrating when you took hands of the bars. This quickly got into the fork and you had your self a good old tank slapper if left long enough. These bars seem to have fixed that issue. No vibrations at all.

    Didnt really need to swap the brake banjo around but did need to leave it out of keeper bracket, Seems to be ok but ill keep and eye on it for now (Pics below)

    If instructions are correct you dont need to use fork risers. They can be used as standard clip ons to suit 41mm fork.

    Overall 10/10 would buy again.

    So here are some pics. Feel free to ask any questions.

    WP_20150209_003. WP_20150209_004. WP_20150209_005. WP_20150209_011. WP_20150209_013. WP_20150209_016.
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  2. Nice job...they look great!
    Reckon they have them for my mini me ninj 300? I have risers already as front lowered...
  3. Should have something. Check the 300R section. If u have risers already might be able to get replacement 650 bars to fit.
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  4. Woohooo more mods! Thanks for the post hadn't thought that there were sports bars for the ninj!
  5. Looks awesome! I got mine based on your review and received it today.
    However, if I understood product's picture only instructions correctly, it suggests either 1) lowering front-end by 35mm so that stock fork tubes protrude 35mm from upper triple-tree or, 2) lowering front-end by 12mm and using 23mm "Shock up adapters" in tandem so that a total of 35mm extension from upper triple-tree can be achieved for clip-ons. In fact the clamps are 35mm high and I think that way each clamp holds onto part of the stock fork tube and the "Shock up adapters" at the same time. I assume this prevents "Shock up adapters" from getting unscrewed and becoming loose over time due to the torque applied to handlebars.
    I will appreciate if you could advise me on this as well as if you did lower the front-end and if it had any adverse effects on the bike's handling.
    Thank you