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Ninja 650 or 650r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Samboss260, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Why is it that there are very few second hand 650 or 650r's around?

    Either LAMS or not, there are not many of these around anywhere around the country. Why is that?

  2. Because for every 1 LAMs approved Ninja 650 that is sold there's:
    5 CBR250Rs
    4 Ninja 250s
    3 CB125Es and
    2 XVS650s
    also sold and eventually ending up on the same used market (and in the case of bikes like the CB125 probably ending up on the used market a lot faster than a 650 would).

    The unrestricted 650s don't even rate a mention in the sales figures, which means they're below 100 bikes a year nationwide (and less popular than a Royal Enfield).

    Edit: Just goes to show that despite what views might be commonly expressed on here about what bikes people should buy - what people actually buy are either cheap 125/250s (or an XVS650) to get through restrictions, or Harleys (three separate models in the top 10 road bike sales).
  3. There was a guy on here trying to sell one for ages ended up trading it in
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  4. I had a close look at the 2012 model, which is the new one and really surprised me. It felt very nice and nuertal sitting on the bike, and was the right height and everything. I went with a friend who test rode the 650L (LAMS) and the ninja 1000 back to back. He was very very surprised with the 650 even if it was the restricted version, and was impressed as to how light and nimble it felt plus that itcwas quite torquey for a 650.
  5. ehh the 650 restricted lams bikes are not that popular, never have been for good reason (read, extremely over priced, very heavy bikes with all the power of a 250cc ) . as for comparing it to a thou, once you start to actually ride the bikes im sure you will find that the 650 is significantly worse in terms of component quality and capability.
  6. Alrighty then......
  7. 650R is a pretty good bike in my opinion. I think the reason they are hard to find is that the ER-6N was more popular. Also the RL were released in 2009 I think. Many of those would still be held by P platers (3 years of L's and P's)
  8. I'm looking at the unrestricted ones
  9. They are good bikes and people hang onto them. Also they aren't that popular so they don't seem to hold value all that well. I kept mine for a long time as I couldn't sell it for what it was worth. Would still have it if it wasn't sent to God by a SUV. Had upgraded the suspension though.