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Ninja 650 - (er6n/f) Any good for touring

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by warnzie, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Just a quick and simple question for anyone who has one or ridden one. Are they suitable for a good 5-7 day trip? Looking at the 2010 ABS versions at the moment, along with the versys which seems to be a pretty much do everything bike! Would like to do a trip with the old man next March to the snowy's from the Gold Coast so my next bike purchase would need to able to handle a trip like this with a little comfort.

    Otherwise, my brothers VFR800 will become mine, just don't prefer the high clip ons but nothing some heli's wont fix

    Thanks in advance for any advice / opinions
  2. I did 4500 in 5 days on a hire one, they're fine.
  3. You can tour on anything. I don't see any problem with what you propose.
  4. I hired one in Melb for the day to Philip Island and back, didn't like the highish bars and generally throbby Twin, much prefer the FZ6 with its sharper steering (as least from my experience) and smooth inline 4. But I realise my experience is very much opposite to that of most riders .... also I've never ridden the VFR800, but I would love to verify the good things riders say about its touring ability ....
  5. find mine good for touring. upright seating position makes it easy. haven't done any really big days but manage 500k days on back roads OK. got a er6n with a little fly screen and ventura rack.
  6. Well, i went and sat on one today as the dealer got one in stock, and i guess its made an easy decision for me, the foot pegs are way to high for me and was causing my leg to cramp straight up - and im only 178cm - watever that is in ft.

    I need to take one for a ride as well to get the whole feel instead of just sitting on it but yeah i did find the pegs just a little to high
  7. It's often said, "the best bike for touring is the one you have right now"
    Seriously -it doesn't matter what bike you have. Just ride the f#cking thing. I've done about 30,000kms on a 2 stroke dirt bike in my younger years. 1000km days on a 500 single. Multiple 1000+ km days on my VFR400. 12,000 odd kms on a KTM LC4 motard. It does not matter one single jot what you ride. Just do it. Trust me -when you look back at your multi day/week tours the absolute last thing you will remember is wishing you were riding a different bike. Well -thats my experience anyway.