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Ninja 650 ABS or Suzuki Gladius

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ursus, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. After checking them out at the shop I am completely torn between these two. I like the posture on the Gladius, and I like the idea of ABS on the Ninja. Has anybody got the experience with both of them? it's mostly for weekend trips and occasional commute to work. Help!!!

  2. Love my Ninja 650, we rode to the Gold Coast and today leaving to go back home. Great to ride, good seating position and lots of torque to overtake lol.
  3. I had an Er6-N for a couple of years (unfaired 650 Ninja). Fantastic bike for the commute and medium speed thrash at the weekend.
    As with most questions of this type, you'll find people with recommendations for and against each bike. The only way you'll be able to make a definitive decision is to ride both - preferably back to back if you can.
    Other factors such as the distance to a dealership and the individual deal offered when you come to buy will help.
    There's really nothing between them - they both target and are built for the same market segment.
  4. Just a heads-up.......... how about a new GSR650...?? Dealer up here is selling out so I think he's selling this basically wholesale :)
  5. Gladius is a v-twin so a more interesting engine/exhaust sound, the Ninja is parallel twin so more flat sort of exhaust note. Either would be a good bike from what I can tell.
  6. Aftermarket exhausts change all of that pretty quickly.
  7. I wouldn't choose a bike just because it has ABS.
    If the Gladius is the one you like, it's the one you should buy.
  8. Gladius in my opinion. That v twin is fantastic, and while they are both good bikes, abs is not necessary. Ninja has some fairing which might help at speed. If you don't need a lams bike, consider the gsr 750 too. Going quite cheap!
  9. no it doesnt parallel twins always sound like shitty quadbikes.

    Go for the galdius, the ninja is a fake sportsbike thats just made of fail. At least the galdius is honest.
  10. Fully endorsed! [Background: I own a LAMS [non-ABS] Gladius and a non-LAMS ABS-equipped 1000cc sports tourer, and the Gladius is still a tonne of fun.]
  11. I ride the ninja 650R '11 model.. its my first bike.. and the only bike ive ridden.. i was thinking about the suzi 500gsf. the posture of the ninja won me over..

    so .. as a ninja 650R rider.. i say go for the posture.. :) (dont forget though there are always adjustments to make to any bike you buy.. )
  12. I love the sound of mine with my Akropovic and so do many others so meh to you.
  13. burdddd burrddddd burrrddddddburrrdddd fart

    up there with hyundai excels with milo tin tips.
  14. I would go sv650 over the gladius.
  15. But if you are looking for a faired sports tourer, the Gladius doesn't fit the bill in my opinion.

    I've sat on a number f sports tourers on the weekend with a mate who was looking at them also, and to me the Ninja 650 was the most comfortable bike. In the end my friend bought a ninja 1000
  16. I rode the 650RL version. Some feedback
    Hates the wind. you do get pushed around a bit
    Engine sounds like a lawn mower
    Engine has great low end power and milage. I short shited to 6th gear pretty quick and was getting 4.2- 4.6L per hundred.
    Seat will hurt your butt. I hear the 12/13 models have better seats now but the older one would hit the sore spots
    Hope it helps
  17. Agree with most of this..

    i was wondering "if this heavy arse bike gets knocked around by the wind that much what would a 250 be like.. " the touring windscreen helps comfort but doesnt stop it from moving around that much.. interesting to hear these points.. makes me feel a bit more normal. :) (thats a rare thing.. )

    I love lawn mowers.. they rock..

    Air hawk seat pad helps the rear end issues..
  18. Thew front screen will only work with front on wind to the head and body. I was more talking about side on. The fairings seem to catch a bit of wind on that model. Logic tells me that it would depend on how the fairings are shapped on how much you get knocked about. The trumpy is not so bad on the wind front so I have been told. I get back on the comparison later
  19. Yeah.. as i said.. it helps comfort.. not movement.. :)

    and yeah.. just like they spend millions designing a sail for a racing yacht to catch the most wind.. they should spend a little bit more on development of fairings and take a little bit of power away from the stylists :)