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Ninja 300 vs Yamaha YZF R3

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Epic_Fail, Apr 22, 2016.


Which would you choose as your first bike?

Poll closed Apr 26, 2016.
  1. Kawasaki Ninja 300

    3 vote(s)
  2. Yamaha YZF-R3

    17 vote(s)
  1. Alright Ladies and Gents!

    Its time, I have the cash to buy a bike and after test riding both (today) the ninja and the R3 I am completely torn. I can't fault either bike. Both are extremely fun to ride and meet my practicality requirements.

    Now I need second opinions. So which is it guys, do you prefer the R3 or the Ninja 300?
  2. MT07 :)
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  3. Kawasaki EL 250
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  4. it would seem to me that Epic_FailEpic_Fail is getting the best advice EVER :LOL:
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  5. No brainer really.
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  6. I ride a 300, it is nice and light, can haul my fat ass and is quite nimble in corners (to the best of my ability) I sat on a yzf-r3 and it is definitely lower than the ninja, looks department they are both good, but I do like the yzf in the blue trim. If your heavier the extra 30cc might be worth it. I can't fault my bike at all and mine had done 42k before I bought it. if I had straight up cash to buy a new bike I think the R3 would pip the ninja. ABS standard, gear indicator and shift light (although you shouldn't need these good hearing is all that is needed) a few extra cc, buuuuut the ninja has the slipper clutch and that is a nice feature, has saved me twice compression locking. The more I type this up the more I think I would be torn also lol.
  7. So Epic_FailEpic_Fail - I assume you have already made up your mind it has to be between those two bikes?
  8. I always advise to buy used for your first bike. If you are dead set on either one of these, just flip a coin. You will be happy with either.

    Huh? How do you compression lock a 300? You'd have to try pretty hard.
  9. Accidentally shifting into 1st for a downhill hairpin? :)
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  10. Thanks Bjpitt. The 2 bikes I am looking at are both used. The R3 has only 700km on it. The dealer has tabled a pretty solid deal for me to mull over. 5700 with orc, first service done, balance of warranty and rego.

    I re-rode both again late yesterday under different conditions. First time was early morning no traffic and some highway run. Second time was heavy traffic, late arvo and some twisties thrown in for good measure.

    I am leaning slightly to the R3. The biggest thing for me is that I can see myself enjoying this bike for a long time.

    The deal on the table is almost too good to refuse....
  11. That's correct. I have looked around the market and because im my size and experience I am happy to stay around the 300cc mark. Not keen on the CBR300. Having now ridden the R3 and Ninja back to back I am very happy with either bike.

    Having ridden both twice now, in different conditions, I am probably leaning more to the R3.
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  12. Looked at service costs, add on bling cost, insurance comparison?

    Second hand resale? Shot load more ninjas on the market than R3 might drive down price?
  13. Yeah when I first got on the bike, twice accidentally changed to first at 50. Was my first day on it, suffice to say it hasn't happened again.
  14. Second hand resale is pretty good.
    Only released in 2015 so used bikes are very few and far between.

    Service costs are pretty reasonable. Every 10k roughly 150-200.

    Insurance is comparable to the ninja.

    Just waiting on costs for the few accessories I need and will be able to confirm.
  15. comparisons have been done to death before but..
    R3 has.. very slightly more torque and power, slightly less weight, 3L smaller fuel tank (14 vs 17), maybe slightly worse fuel economy(?), 1" shorter wheelbase, 2 degrees less rake (slightly easier to turn in?)... and is built to a slightly lower price

    so basically it comes to how it feels on road, and how the controls feel to you (switches, pedals, levers ok or adjustable? ).
  16. Yep done all the comparisons and there is nothing to separate. The power and torque is negligible. Price is the biggest difference betweem the 2 and thats because kawasaki is driving the price of a new bike down.

    I think after riding both again in heavy traffic I prefer the R3 and it betger suots my style of riding and ultimately will teach me to get that gearing right.

    Also the missus agreed to the R3.
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  17. They are both great bikes mate, pretty sure you be happy with either. I think the r3 in blue looks better. I was looking at both before I decided to go with a second hand cheap bike, the r3 was winning except the fuel tank, I am doing mostly country km, so that extra 3L is worthwhile.