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Ninja 300 to Street Triple 660?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by zallene, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, just wanting to hear some of your thoughts and opinions on upgrading to the Triumph Street Triple 660 from a Ninja 300.
    I've had my bike licence for approximately 6 months now, so have around 2 and a half years of LAMs restrictions to go unfortunately. Basically, I'm craving something a bit bigger.. Big tyres, and something that sounds like a real bike too. I took the striple for a test ride, and it was amazing. Great sound, plenty of torque, handled brilliantly.

    My only concern is, is it the worth the cash considering it's a lams bike? $13-14k brand new, although have seen a couple on bikesales around the $10-11k mark. Currently I'm a uni student, so not flush with cash, but If i wait any longer there'd almost be no point in purchasing another LAMs bike as I'd be nearing the end of my restrictions.

    I'm contemplating selling the car, as I live really close to the city and can't stand sitting in traffic, so I only use the car around 2-3 times a month. If I were to sell the car, I could definitely afford the Triumph.. but not sure if I'd miss having the convenience of a car in the future.

    Basically, I just want to hear some opinions on whether it's worth the hassle to upgrade, or should I just spend the next 2 and a half years riding a little 2 cylinder lawn mower? :p
  2. Are you are doing the following: Pining it everywhere always shifting on the power peak? Scraping pegs or otherwise causing the bike to become lively due to excesses of enthusiasm? Are you using sticky sports tyres? Or are you just lazy? Do the sensible thing, learn to love the lawnmower and wait out your restrictions.
  3. The lawnmower us actually a fun bike to ride, and sometimes not fulfilling a need immediately is actually quite a nice thing rather than the go out and get it now mentality (can you guess I'm gen x not y or z)...

    Agree with NihililNihilil really, and it's a lot of $ to spend as a Uni student.
  4. Why don't u meet half way and drop $5k on a ninja 650rl ? Shouldn't depreciate as much as the triple
  5. two and a half years is a long time to forego happiness :)
  6. Have you seen the ninja 300 race series? They aint slow a good bike to learn bike craft on and not so expensive if u rash it or bin it.
  7. Only time I wish I had a bigger bike was on the track. The ninja 300 is plenty for the city. Spend some time learning how to ride it on the limit. Ninja 300 is only boring in a straight line as it doesn't feel all that fast from an acceleration perspective but chuck some corners at it and it's just as fun as any othe bike.
    Only thing I would have done with mine if I needed to keep it for another 2.5 years is get some better brakes and install adjustable shocks at the front.
    Become a better rider mate and you will see there is more to it then just going fast in a straight line.
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  8. Agreed with the others. And as a uni student, you probably are better off spending the money on holidays where alcohol and backpackers combine! The street triple will always be their for when you get old.
  9. Give the guy a break. If u want more power go for it mate. People said I was crazy for replacing my 600 decals with 250 ones on my cbr when I was on my Ps but I regret nothing ....
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  10. Thanks guys for all your feedback :p, definitely made me reconsider things a bit more rationally.
    Just on a side note, I wasn't entirely wanting to upgrade solely for a speed increase.. Was never implying I'm some kind of Valentino Rossi and my ability exceeds the Ninja 300. I just loved the sound of a 'real bike', the suspension was great and something about the big tyres just felt more planted.

    But yeah, 3 years on restrictions is such a long time :p. Really am envious of you all who only had to wait 12 months haha.
  11. Haha in that case change your pipe....Leo Vince Corsa GP - check it out on youtube....

    Warning: Many on here hate that sound though :yuck:
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  12. Idk if it's just an inaccurate audio representation.. but all the aftermarket exhausts for the 300 on youtube make it kinda sound like a dirt bike? The stock exhaust kinda sounds ok at around 8k RPM+, terrible at idle though :p

    I do love the sound of the cbr250rr and vfr400r, was kinda concerned about reliability though considering they're 20 years old and have most likely been thrashed.
  13. #13 oldcorollas, Oct 5, 2015
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    they do.. BRAAAAAP... and just as annoying :D

    that said, the right baffle will kill the Brap, and still sound ok
  14. I get where you're coming from. Absolutely hate the sound of the LAMS Ninjas, mine came with one of those ebay spec slip ons and it sounded like a lawnmower with a loudspeaker attached. Needless to say I put the stock pipe back on. Maybe go for a MT-07 or RVF400 since they're cheaper and sound way better than your average LAMS bike.
  15. In my opinion, if you still have 2 1/2 years you should do it :)

    If you have the money to spend, the street triple will be a great bike.

    Otherwise you should be able to pick up a nice cb400 for about the price you can sell your 300 for
  16. I was going to mention the CB400, but figured the OP must have considered it already given it's mentioned in every LAMS thread. Bloody good bike.
  17. Maybe do some training? I suspect after only 6 months you aren't riding that well and want a bigger bike to make up for that. Smaller bikes are good if you know how to ride them. See (hear) a lot of younger riders in too high a gear. Are you bouncing off the rev limiter? Have you been anywhere near it?
  18. The 660 is an amazing bike. But so is the 300 for learning. I occasionally jump onto my brother's 300 and find it a fun bike to ride. It's a totally different riding experience with the thinner tyres, lightness, and being able to rev it out without breaking multiple laws (or potentially myself). I have found that I never came close to exploring what my LAMS bike could do (Ninja 250), so maybe as twistngo has said, go do some training and reignite your love of your 300 by seeing what it can really do.
  19. If you've got the cash and desire....go for it. The 660 is definitely more bike than the ninja.

    I have a ninja 300 and think it's great, but there is no denying that the 660 is 'better'.

    Hence it just comes down to what you want to do with your money.
  20. Have you considered a second hand MT07? It's not a triple but with an Akro pipe it sounds amazing, has enough power and torque to keep you smiling like an idiot all the time and will not leave you dead broke after buying it.
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