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Ninja 300 throttle sticking?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by spbiker, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. So i was just out riding my ninja it has less than 20km on it, and i heard a bit of a click, then the throttle felt weird

    It seems to not be springing back like normal, if i twist it and let it go, it will just stay where it is, maybe move a bit, but it definitely isn't springing back like it should

    When i start it up, the idle is normal and if i rev it, it revs, it's just i have to manually turn the throttle back or it will stay revving.

    I tried adjusting the free play thing like it says in the manual but that isn't it

    A google search gave me a few results of people saying they have problems with their grip sliding and then it rubs against the handlebars and doesnt spring back, i am not sure if that is the case, i can't figure out how to move the grip at all, i simply tried pulling it outwards but it didn't budge, but maybe i'm doing it wrong...

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. um...you purchased this bike new yeah mate? presuming there are no second hand ones on the market yet
  3. Yeah i did
  4. i personally would take it straight back to the dealer....explain to them the issue...it should be covered under warranty or be a simple fix that they'll happily do on the spot - it's a brand new bike...you paid the premium for something new and the peace of mind....so why not take it back and save yourself the headache? especially with less than 20kms on it
  5. I'm just not sure about riding it with a bad throttle
  6. are you far from the dealer....and what dealer did you get it from? they might well come out and pick it up if you call them....but test it one more time to be sure before you do that (i don't mean ride it...just whilst it's idling n parked for the record.)

    i also apologise that i can't offer you a quick fix here....not the most mechanically minded chap but my statement regarding taking it back to the dealers still remains considering how many k's are on it so presuming you've had it for less than a week
  7. Personally I would make Kawasaki aware of the problem as if this is as common a problem as you describe, it should be the subject of a recall. A sticking, non-returning throttle is definitely a big safety issue.
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  8. My 2nd Ninja 250 did the same thing when I first got it (a year ago), only once it was warmed up. Made for some fun times cornering in traffic. Call up the dealer and ask them to come pick it up. Mine was fixed by the mechanic that put my hot grips on but really it should have gone back to the dealer.
  9. Two year warranty, I suggest you use it. To the point if you think it's a safety issue ask the shop to tow your bike back to thier premises for rectification.
  10. I got it from Campbelltown so it's quite far from me, i will call them later about it, i was just hoping maybe it's a quick fix type thing

    But i've been doing some extra searching on google and it seems a lot of other people had this problem, although they were in America, so yeah i will get it fixed under warranty i hope

    Is this a common thing to happen on these bikes?
  11. i have all my bikes set up like that , its no big deal ,i dont have blinkers on my bikes so when i am rideing i use my hands to signal when i want to change lanes or make a turn , the way i have set up my throttle is i can use my right hand to signal and keep the same speed when i remove my hand from the throttle to make a hand signal .,if the throttle was set up to snap back when i remove my hand to signal that just wont work for me as the bike will slow down every time i want to change lanes or make a right hand turn , or turning right through a round about., i allso like the fact that on long rides i can rest my right hand and fingers and keep the same speed
  12. Ive had mine for 3 weeks and after +1300k's I've never had a drama.

    You don't need to take your bike back to where you bought it. Any local Kwaka dealer will do. If you dont have one close by, you should be able to get it fixed by a mechanic and not void your warranty. Check first tho.
  13. But if you get it fixed by a mechanic, you'll have to pay, and it should be done free of charge.

    When the throttle sticks, can you pull it back, or is it stuck solid? If its just a bit sticky, you could probably ride it CAREFULLY to the closest Kwaka dealer.
  14. 2500ks of trouble free riding on my 300 so far. Get it back to the dealer.
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    plus one to the have the dealer fix it route.

    If however you do want to check if it's just the grip, on the end of your handlebars, remove the screw holding in the bar end, take it off, and if the grip is loose it will just slide off. If you cant move the grip off, but it's still sticking then you have a problem in the throttle itself

    And if it is just the grip, about $6 for grip glue from any dealer will fix the problem
  16. Mate do what everyone here is suggesting. I work for a large prestige car dealership and know a thing or two about customer service and what's expected.

    Call any dealership ASAP, tell them you problem and you are concerned about riding it as a safety issue (not a big concern but depends if you want them to come and get it) and you don't want to ride it so someone should come collect it and fix the bike under warranty.

    During this time, they will also fill out a dealer principle report in regards to your throttle concern and it will be passed on the Kawasaki... So no need to personally contact them.
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  17. I have had a number of kawasaki throttle assemblys stick when assembled from new, but with nothing obviously wrong with them. I suspect it is from the cable being caught between the throttle tube and housing, though without X-ray vision it is hard to tell exactly what is happening inside the assembly. I usually fix it by loosening the throttle housing screws a little & work the throttle open & close a few times, & then retighten screws. This usually fixes the problem. However sometimes I have noticed that it can make a difference in what order the scews are tightened. I usually tighten the top screw first, then the bottom.

    Try this first. It only takes a minute & might save you a trip back to the dealership. It should have been sorted before it left the dealership, but sometimes the bikes are assembled & pre-delivered by apprentices who sometimes don't pick up on these anomalies.
  18. 13,000 km, no issues, only a small misalignment of upper left hand side faring.
    Don't recommend Peter Stevens Ferntree Gully for service.
  19. HELPFUL :(

  20. Hmmm... Booked in at 8:30am tomorrow for 1k service.