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Ninja 300 Special Edition........

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by mattxr, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Thought I would post some shots of my new Ninja 300 Special Edition.

    All of 1 month I have had this bike for, and I love it.

    Can't fault it as a first bike, easy to ride and looks great.

    Have done all of 632 km, first 500 km didn't see the dark side of 6000 - 6500 rpm.

    Can feel it starting to loosen up now and it really starts to pull when 10,000 - 11,000 rpm is seen on the tacho, yet to pull it out to redline yet will see those numbers after the first service.

    Fuel economy seems to be ok, no long rides as of yet. Copes well on the freeway, doesn't labour along at all when seeing over 100 kph.

    Thanks for reading,

    ninja 300 dash 2. ninja 300 front corner. ninja 300 rear corner. ninja 300 side. ninja 300 top.

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  2. Nice bike
  3. Burrrriful bike and pics mate.

    Nice work sticking to the break-in; almost impossible to keep it within the recommended RPM breaking in my Ninja 250 at the moment.
  4. Frigging nice, not too much green just broken up enough :)
  5. Not a kwaka fan. But that looks very noice ;)
  6. Those new 300R's look shithot!
  7. Awesome bike mate, was so close to getting the limited addition 250 but didn't wanna spend the extra $1500, wish I did now:p
  8. This.

  9. well done mate! great pics, enjoy your ride.
  10. Nice pics, is it safe to stand the bike using only a back stand? Planning to get one so I can do some maintenance but they are so expensive, well the ones from PSM $200+ each for front and back.
  11. Just a rear stand is usually fine.
    Just a front stand will almost always end up with your bike on the floor.
  12. Congrats mate.....nice bike....:
  13. Thanks Jem.....I saw those too.,...

    I might give them a miss......look a little meh to me.....
  14. Beautiful machine there mate, how much did you pick her up for?
  15. Looks great, so jelly :D . I have a mate who has bought one of these so I can't wait till I get confident enough to try it.
  16. $6990 ride away, which is quite a good price.
  17. Very Cool. I wasn't sold on these at first but they are definately growing on me.
  18. nice looking bike mate enjoy :woot:
  19. awesome bike man, if only these were out when i bought my cbr250r :(