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Ninja 300 SE

Average User Rating:
  1. Hey guys, here's my Ninja 300!


    Bought it 2nd hand with around 400km on the clock, came with the Promo pack and a fender eliminator.

    Pretty happy with it!
  2. Nice looking ninja, was gonna get one but didn't want to spend that much. How much you pick it up for?
  3. Very nice bike...they're about $7400 (SE) or $7200 (black or white).
  4. Yea new they are around the $7,500 mark for the SE. Got mine for a bit less because it was 2nd hand, but with only 400km on it and the promo pack, figured it was a good deal. :)
  5. i found one for 5.7k, 700kms but didn't like the white colour. SE's look the best.
  6. I have the same bike ,very nice except the front tyre I wish it was wider and the first gear longer
    I have a crash bar and tell you what , it saved me new fairing