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Ninja 300 or ER6-NL?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by KadeO, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. So, I've narrowed the field down to these 2 bikes, either the Ninja 300 in white for around 7k, or the ER6-NL in Candy green for 10,250.

    The time now is to decide what way to go, and each time I lean toward one, I come back and find something else I like about the other to bring the decision back to a level field. I am yet to see the 300 in flesh, the local dealer is still waiting on their's to come in, and they'll ring me when it does, and will make a better guess then. I've basically made up my mind that when I see the Ninja and like it, I'll make a deposit and have it set to order around November, but that's on the "If I like it" scene.

    But for now, what would you guys suggest?
  2. er6n is a girls bike.
  3. We can't be friends.
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  4. That's cool, I've got man-boobs to make the image sweeter
  5. portaloo rides an er6n
  6. Both LAMs yah? Go the cheaper. I doubt youd be dissatisfied with either choice, but might as well save your pennies if you plan to upgrade later.
  7. I have been down the road like that, Ninja 300 for now/18 months (Give or take, whenever I go and get my ps) then sell without too much a hit on depreciation and get something bigger, around the 600cc mark..
  8. On a more serious note, they're rather different bikes. Notable difference being one is full fairing the other is not. Really gotta decide what design you prefer. I really like that I can see around the front of my bike completely, down to where the front wheel is touching the pavement exactly if I feel the need.

    In terms of resale the ER6N's have a really good ratio for availability vs demand, which works well in their favour for resale. Hard to say for the 300 considering it's brand new to the market, one can assume it'll be similar to the 250R, which isn't bad for resale, but not quite as good as it's bigger brother.

    Then there's body size, if you're on the heavier/bigger build side, the bigger capacity motor will feel more at ease in your day to day riding, and will feel much more perky on acceleration at higher speeds. When the time comes to throw a pillion on the 650 will be much happier as well.

    Economy wise you'd assume the 300 will be better. I normally do about 250km to 11.5L give or take, for reference sake. That's with a mixture of town/freeway/spirited rides, and a mixture of easy going and booting it riding.

    There's also the obvious advantage of the ER6 that you un-restrict them. There's a lot of varied opinions about this, for various reasons, but the point is if YOU want to, YOU can, and on that point it'll likely keep you happy far longer.

    Other than that it's really an emotional thing, go sit on both and see what you feel more at home on. Oh and the financial side, which I think will be more like $7.5k vs $10k when you get into the nitty gritty of negotiations, with ABS fitted to both.
  9. You've really hit the mark on what I've been going over in my head, Lugo.
    I love the look of the ER, it's a bugger we don't get the yellow or white here (for whatever reason) otherwise, I'd have put a deposit on one yesterday. It does honestly make my decision easier, but in saying that, I do love the green, I just feel more pull toward the yellow or white.

    Being a short, fat bloke, I do think the 650 will suit me better on nearly all fronts. The seat height isn't stupidly uncomfortable, and the larger capacity will be a lot better on the odd freeway jaunt to Melbourne to see friends and all that.

    In terms of resale, I found that in Vic, only one is listed on bikesales. That's not to say there isn't a run of them out there, but maybe just not as accessible.

    In terms of de-restricting, I'm not sure I want to. And if I did, I feel I would do it by the book and have to de register and re register it as a full powered bike, but I'm not sure on that front just yet. I'd probably do it down the track, might even end up keeping it for the daily.

    Once I go and see the Ninja in the flesh this week, I'll make up my mind then. I am partial to the ER for the superb look of the thing. I'm all but too happy to pay the guys in echuca the 10,250 they want, simply because they were really honest with me, and it's a 40-50 minute drive to service the bike and I can't see any logistical reason to do that over going around the corner to AJ's (For warranty sake, I'm sure as long as the mechanic is registered, there is no issue? Correct me if I'm wrong)

    The extra 2.5K in my opinion, seems worth it at this point in time..
  10. Unless you consider that 2.5k is all some people spend on their first bike. ;)
  11. I could be one of those people. But I'm young, cashed up (well, soon to be) and don't know any better
  12. The 300 is more likely to have issues as it is a first model year.

    I think I would still buy the 300 still though, save money for a big bike.
  13. :LOL: Fair enough KadeO.

    Just don't get too carried away with your first bike if you have any plans on getting something non-LAMS in the near future.
  14. I really do think if I go the ER route, that I'll be keeping it for a long time. I know I eventually will get an Striple of sorts, or something different at least, but a 2 bike garage with a daily and a weekender would be tops.

    I have read many a topic, and shared my mostly (un) wanted opinion :p, and I just think that the ER would be a great start and not having a lemon to start on will keep that fire burning
  15. Also, the ER6N power wheelies... enough said :p
  16. Sold!
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  17. Seems you're pushing to the ER route, go for it if the ninja doesn't grab you like the Er does.
  18. It does on a few things (Little bit cheaper, available in that lovely white that the ER is not, shorter seat height) but the ER just takes the heart strings that much more at the moment.
    I'll reassess when I see the 300 in person, but I am a little more hesitant as I think the ER would be better at lugging my fatass around, and that's really the big one
  19. How much do you weigh if you don't mind me asking?

    The Er6nl makes around 46HP if I'm not mistaken?

    Where as the ninja 250 makes 29HP? so the 300 might make a bit more not alot though.
  20. I seem to remember buying one because you convinced me a 400 wasn't big enough.
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